Now Buy IDRA-21 Powder and Other Nootropics at

Now Buy IDRA-21 Powder and Other Nootropics at
Buying nootropics powders is not as easy as buying a standard dietary supplement. This is perhaps because they are highly regulated ingredients that not anybody can produce or sell. Very few manufacturers are allowed to sell nootropics powders. One such reliable manufacturer has now gone digital with its official site,

Yangpu – There is good news for those who wish to buy IDRA-21 and other powders that are meant solely for cognitive performance. They are not that easily available. If available, they are not pure. However,, a popular Chinese company, is known for selling these nootropics powders online. 

Wisepowder is a provider of a variety of pharmaceutical chemicals, biochemicals, and nutrition supplements as well as a maker of nutritional ingredients. Wish to buy Oxiracetam powder? Want to buy Pramiracetam powder? Both powders along with IDRA-21 and other smart drugs for boosting mental functions such as attention, motivation, and memory are available here.

However, buyers cannot buy them directly unlike other e-commerce or shopping portals. They need to fill a contact form on the corresponding nootropic’s informative page. For an available nootropic, interested buyers can go through this page.

This is where they will find information about that nootropic in detail. These details include description, history, mechanism of action, application, and more research. It also includes base information such as purity in %, form, appearance, half-life, solubility, and storage condition.

According to a spokesperson, “We recognize the fact that it is challenging to buy nootropics in their purest possible form. While it is not possible to get 100% pure form, it is possible to get 98 or 99% purity. This is possible only if the manufacturer is genuine and strict enough to adhere to all related rules and regulations. This is what we are exactly doing so that the probable seekers can get these cognitive ingredients in their purest form.”

About Wisepowder

With more than 20 years of experience, Wisepowder is a famous and esteemed company belonging to the Chinese nutraceutical industry. It specializes in researching, innovating, and manufacturing ingredients for nutrition as well as nootropic supplements. All its ingredients go through a stringent quality control system that is as per the GMP regulations.

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