Engagement Photography Is Trending in Toronto, says Mango Studios

Selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important parts of a couple’s special day. It is essential to have someone who will capture every moment in its fullest, someone who knows where to look and when and have the capabilities to freeze the emotion. Equally, the engagement presents a great opportunity for an entirely different shoot that is just as emotionally charged, says Mango Studios, a creative wedding photography expert business servicing Toronto, Miami, and many international markets.

Engagement photography is growing in popularity

An engagement photography session is more than just having a trial of a wedding photographer; it is a standalone experience which holds the opportunity to capture the authentic imagery of the soon-to-be-married couple’s relationship in one of its purest forms.

“We have seen customers reluctant to the idea of engagement photography. Some because they were misled to believe all engagement photos follow the same pattern and are nothing more than your average cheesy photos. Others because they just did not seen any value in having an extra shoot before the big day. Our response to every single one of them was that engagement photography is inherently different than wedding photography, and that having a professional photographer who takes the time to get to know the couple and have the expertise to personalize the experience definitely makes a difference,” said a Mango Studio spokesperson.

A real life success story

Mango Studios photographers recommend selecting a location that is both comfortable, and a meaningful reflection of the couple’s dynamic. By incorporating this personal touch and various elements that are specific to their personality, and adding the right knowledge and experience, the outcomes always surpass expectations.

“One of our best examples is a couple who were against the idea of an engagement shoot from the beginning. What we realized was that in fact they did not find any examples that matched their vision on the Internet, and so ended up believing it’s not for them. What we do best, however is altering our style every single time to match the couple’s personality and desires. At the end of the shoot, both of them were surprised of how enjoyable the whole session was, and most importantly, what amazing results we achieved together,” added the spokesperson.

There are many other benefits that come with having an engagement session, including helping the couple feel more comfortable in front of the camera on their wedding day, having the chance to get acquainted with the photographer and the other way around, and rest assured the wedding album will be exactly as pictured.

About Mango Studios

Since 12 years ago, Mango Studios have been using the art of photography to capture the most important milestones in people’s lives. Whether it’s wedding and engagement photography, family portraits, anniversaries or birthdays, the team has always been driven by a passion to capture genuine emotion and offer their clients an ever-lasting look back at some of the most important moments in their lives.

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