How Healthy Meal Plans Can Help The Over Half of Toronto’s Population Aged 18 and Over Classified as Obese or Overweight

Being obese or overweight is a growing epidemic among Canadians all of ages. Both conditions are associated with major risk factors for a number of life-threatening chronic conditions, heart disease, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and diabetes to name just a few. And both conditions are a result of poor lifestyle choices, particularly nutrition and physical exercise.

Data on healthy eating, food security and overweight and obesity across Canada was published earlier this year and the findings are alarming. In light of this, healthy food delivery experts Healthee Kitchen are calling for more awareness around the importance of embedding a healthy eating plan on the long-term rather than following a weight loss diet on a short-term basis.

Toronto ranks third in terms of Canadians aged 18 and over classified as overweight and obese

Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are at the top of the performance ranking in terms of populations who are overweight or obese. Unfortunately, this just reveals just how bad the situation is in Canada if the top performing places are still registering over half of their populations as being obese or overweight. The worst performing city being Moncton, New Brunswick where an appalling 76% of the population is dealing with these conditions.

On the bright side, 30% of Canadians aged 12 and older revealed they consume fruits and vegetables at least five times per day.

Healthy meal packs – the way to fight obesity?

Healthee Kitchen is focused on trying to break down the misconceptions around healthy eating, such as it is more strenuous, less tasty, more expensive. Their ever-growing list of customers is living proof that eating healthy is none of those things. The Toronto-based business has a wide range of meal plans according to what each person is trying to get out of their nutrition. A spokesperson explains, “For those looking strictly at losing weight in a healthy, balanced way the 1200-1400 kcal meal plan is the way to go. The healthy lifestyle meal plan is our most popular option and is just as tasty. We’ve also thought about those with an already active lifestyle and what their nutritional needs might be. Because eating patterns are deeply specific to each person, and of course their goals, we recommend going through the various options available and finding the one that fits you and your lifestyle.’

In the midst of an obesity crisis that threatens the health of Canadians and the wider health system, being able to easily plan for the recommended nutrient intake every day while staying within daily calorie is the goal for many people and a way to combat rising numbers of people who are obese or overweight.

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Based at the heart of Toronto, Healthee Kitchen has undertaken a crucial mission: enabling better health for Canada through better meal planning. Having healthy, fresh meals every day has never been easier than it is now, and anyone can choose from a wide variety of mouth watering options.

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