Why Orthodontics Plays a Vital Role in Improving Physical and Mental Health

Cosmetic dentistry can be undertaken for a variety of reasons, and not all of them are based on vanity. While it seems increasingly common to be inundated with images of perfect celebrities with immaculately straight, white teeth, it is easy to forget that cosmetic dentistry plays an important role in helping people maintain their dental health and avoid numerous other related oral issues.

The practice of cosmetic dentistry is recognized for giving people back their ability to smile, which has obvious positive implications for confidence and mental health. But more crucially it can also help to maintain the shape of a person’s face by preventing cheeks from becoming hollowed out by spaces caused by missing and crooked teeth. These spaces between teeth can also make other teeth drift around the mouth, creating even more problems.

Newcastle Village Dental is a dental clinic based in Newcastle, Ontario, that offers a wide range of dental services. One of these is orthodontics, which can play a significant role in helping people to attain aligned teeth that support and encourage good oral health. The clinic offers two principal methods of orthodontics – traditional metal braces, and the newer plastic aligners called Invisalign.

Metal braces have been used for decades and are still popular due to their strength and durability. They are fitted to the teeth and slowly force them over time to move into the appropriate alignment. It is most common for them to be in place for around two years, during which time they will be occasionally tightened and altered to ensure the teeth are moving in the way they are supposed to. It is also usual for patients to wear a retainer in the immediate period following the brace’s removal, to help secure the teeth in their new positions.

Invisalign is the more modern substitute for metal braces, andare often appealing to patients because they are made of clear plastic that is moulded to the teeth – meaning there is minimal self-awareness over wearing them, compared with the often severe-looking nature of heavy metal braces. They are similar to metal braces in that they usually stay in for two years, but have a key advantage in that they can be removed for eating and cleaning. And rather than undergo periodic adjustments like metal braces, they are instead replaced every two weeks.

“There are numerous reasons for people coming to us requiring orthodontic treatment,” says a spokesperson for Newcastle Village Dental. “But whether the need has been caused by poor oral health or damage from an accident, it is important to fix the issues – otherwise there can be consequences for the way in which a person bites and closes their mouth, which can cause jaw pain and misalign other teeth.”

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Newcastle Village Dental is based in Newcastle, Ontario and offers services including family dentistry, periodontics, endodontics, dental restorations and teeth whitening. The clinic also offers sedation dentistry for patients who are worried about dental work such as wisdom tooth removal.

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