Entopsis offers a new paradigm for detecting diseases by circumventing the traditional need for pre-validated bio-markers

Entopsis offers a new paradigm for detecting diseases by circumventing the traditional need to link pre-validated bio-markers to a disease. OpsisDx, developed by Entopsis, is a highly scalable, non-invasive platform technology that promises to drastically reduce healthcare cost while improving patient outcomes on a global scale. Entopsis will soon submit a key research manuscript for peer-review describing this radical approach to diagnostics.

Disease testing with OpsisDx involves a few simple steps: 1) unbiased sampling of molecules from a patient’s urine using NuTec Slides 2) visualize bound, unlabeled molecules through a heating step utilizing proprietary chemistry; this results in a molecular profile 3) scan the molecular profile and upload to the cloud 4) associate the patient’s molecular profile to machine-learned molecular profiles of known diseased and healthy states.

OpsisDx provides several advantages over traditional diagnostics. For example, you can create a new diagnostic test by simply training the machine-learning algorithm on molecular profiles of people with and without your disease of interest; you don’t need to fully understand the disease or identify any biomarkers. Furthermore, a single urine test may be able to simultaneously screen patients for 5, 20, maybe 50 diseases (i.e., cancers, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, infections, etc.) in under one hour before symptoms are evident. Diagnosing diseases early improves treatment outcomes, since diseases, particularly cancers, are most curable if treated early.

If OpsisDx proves accurate and capable of identifying life-threating diseases early, then such a flexible platform will drastically save lives, reduce healthcare cost and offer an improved quality of life to patients. In addition to diagnosing diseases early, this approach can potentially be applied to numerous other health problems. For example, OpsisDx may be helpful in identifying patients most likely to respond to a given treatment, non-invasively monitoring for disease recurrence or offering an objective test for traditionally subjective medical testing (e.g., diagnosing mental illness or pain).

“When further proven-out, OpsisDx represents an alternative or complementary test to liquid biopsies” said Obdulio Piloto Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Entopsis, in reference to the multi-billion dollar liquid biopsy market.

“We are often asked, ‘what distinguishes Entopsis from Theranos?’ My answer is always the same, ‘we have data, welcome peer-review and avoid hype’”, commented Dr. Piloto when asked about Theranos and the current state of the diagnostic industry.

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