Natural and Man-Made Joint Pain Relief Is Available in Columbia

Natural and Man-Made Joint Pain Relief Is Available in Columbia

Joint pain is experienced by 33.3% of the population. Arthritis, bursitis, gout, injury, and even age can all be causes of joint pain. Joint pain is the result of nerve endings called nociceptors being activated. Joint pain can be relieved with both manmade and natural remedies, and you can even find some when you click here.

Heat And Icing

A basic guideline to follow is to apply heat to mitigate pain and stiffness. When the pain is accompanied by inflammation and swelling, ice is recommended. The application of an ice pack to an injury reduces cellular metabolism and blood flow, the two causes of swelling and inflammation. Heat manages pain by increasing blood flow to the affected joint(s) and relaxing the muscles.


There is possible evidence that cannabis purchased from dispensaries like Charlotte CBD may relieve joint pain. Although no large studies have been conducted, there is potential that CBD oil might relieve joint pain attributable to rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Information found at reports that CBD may potentially relieve pain by attaching to the TRPV1 receptor. TRPV1 is an aforementioned pain-causing nociceptor.

Weight Management

The joints of the body’s lower extremities are weight-bearing. Supporting excess weight puts extra stress on the knees, ankles, and feet. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces stress on the joints.


Exercise is essential for weight management. Working out moderates joint pain by keeping the joints strong and flexible. Low impact exercises are best for joint pain because they put less stress on them.

NSAIDs And Opioids

Prescription and off-the-shelf painkillers address discomfort, not inflammation. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) manage pain and inflammation. Opioids that work by disrupting pain signals from the brain may be prescribed for severe pain.


The National Institute of Health has validated meditation as a pain relief method. The body responds to meditation by releasing endorphins which act as pain killers while the release of stress hormones is stopped. Meditation relaxes the joint muscles and tissue.


It is believed that acupuncture fights pain by putting the body back in balance. Harvard Health Publishing suggests that the effectiveness of acupuncture is attributable to the release of endorphins and the natural mood elevator serotonin. The World Health Organization (WHO) endorses acupuncture to treat more than 100 ailments.


Counterirritants are creams, ointments, or oils. The active ingredients in counterirritants are usually menthol and capsaicin. This treatment works by scrambling pain signals to the affected joint(s). There are special oils that claim to help the pain. These include:

  • camphor oil

  • eucalyptus oil

  • wintergreen oil

Brand name counterirritants usually contain more than one active ingredient.

Fatty Acids

The active ingredient in fatty acids that counters joint pain is Omega 3s. Sources of fatty acids are fish, canola, flaxseed, and soybean oils. Fish-based Omega 3 supplements can also be taken. Consult your physician before using any oils or seeds containing these fatty acids.

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