PAQ Case Offers Appealing and Effective Packaging Solutions

When it comes to packaging for cannabis products, there are a few companies on the market that claim to have the best products for consumers. However, PAQ tends to stand out because their packaging and cannabis-related items are both stylish and efficient. Childproof packaging is a priority when it comes to cannabis products; the packaging keeps children safe and prevents them from dangerous or unsafe exposure to cannabis. The packaging can also prove beneficial for consumers, since it ensures that the right amount of product is utilized each time. PAQ is also well-known for its modern designs and customizable features that make the packaging and covers one of a kind.

For customers interested in a preroll case, PAQ offers water-proof designs and sealed with gaskets. The cases hold king size rolled cannabis up to 110 mm. Pre-rolls are machine or hand-rolled cylinder-shaped objects that are designed for smoking. The JPAQ duo from PAQ is the first product of its kind that allows customers to purchase two packaged pre-rolls at one time. This feature is ideal for retailers who sell PAQ products and want to make their inventory move faster.

Consumers will also be pleased to know that JPAQ is the only gasket-sealed pre-rolled packaging that is customized to keep cannabis products fresh for long periods of time. Additionally, the holders have individual compartments and a sturdy plastic frame that will protect against hard impact, dropping and shaking. Customers are especially pleased with the JPAQ because the pre-rolls are ready to be used at any time.

The JPAQ is the cannabis case that has been designed by preroll smokers especially for preroll smokers. Every JPAQ also has a RoachCoach compartment that keeps un-smoked cannabis fresh and keeps odors within the case, which means customers will never have to throw away a roach again. This holder is ideal for people who want to be more discreet when using cannabis. The cases are also CFR 1700 certified and features child-proof technology to prevent infants and small children from getting into the case.

Environmentally friendly consumers will also be pleased to know that JPAQ cases are completely recyclable and are created from recycled plastics. This is a perk for customers who want to “buy green” as much as possible and the cases can easily be recycled again. The cases are also small and convenient and easily fits into a pocket, backpack or purse, so users can take their cannabis with them anywhere.

Well after doob tubes are faded or misplaced and cardboard containers that hold cannabis products are crushed and no longer suitable for use, the JPAQ will maintain its appealing look. The strong plastic frame of the holder and the high-quality digital printing on the holder is a great way to increase brand recognition for retailers, since the holders can last months or even years longer than other cannabis cases. Retailers can use an in-house design team to customize the case or hire JPAQ’s design team to get the job done.

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