ECOS Emerges as One of The Best Investment Option In IT and Innovation Market

ECOS platform and marketplace has emerged as a premier choice for investors seeking investment in startups and associate companies. ECOS ecosystem is hailed as the most important chapter in Armenia’s IT market history.

ECOS community comprises of a global expert community including students, aspiring IT-professionals, and top experts in blockchain and AI, who are committed to bring their valuable insights in order to create innovative IT solutions that are sold in the ECOS marketplace. ECOS ecosystem is getting applause from all demographics due to their extraordinary capacity to help their members create their own product from scratch under the supervision of global experts who form the core of ECOS community.

Speaking with the press Lusine Katapetyan, Director General of ECOS was quoted as saying, “ECOS ecosystem helps you find the team to develop specific blockchain and AI tools and integrate them with your business. ECOS offers a wonderful opportunity for upcoming IT companies to launch their products and services on a global scale by putting everything from Labs, R&D Centers, and all the necessary tools at their disposal.”

She further added, “ECOS marketplace is perfect for companies who are looking for innovative solutions and probably provides largest number of employment and professional development opportunities for its participants. Whether you want to master new skills, learn about new IT development tools, build your own team of experts or launch innovative products into our marketplace, ECOS ecosystem provides something for each of its members.”

With opportunities like plug and play solutions with business integration, online and offline networking capabilities, mutual and free integration of services within the entire ecosystem and an exemplary 24/7 support, ECOS is believed to offer the largest number of benefits for the innovator community who are committed to contribute towards the development of Armenia’s society.

Last year, an agreement was also signed for the establishment of a free economic zone (FEZ) in the Armenian city of Hrazdan between the Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Republic of Armenia and ECOS CJSC, which establishes the obligations of the organizer of the FEZ (ECOS CJSC) and their relationship with the state. As per this agreement, an industrial mining center has also been created within the framework of the FEZ, on the basis of the Hrazdan TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), which is now a part of the envisaged technological clusters for innovative startups.

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