LiquidLEDs Offer Gorgeous Vintage Dimmable LED Light Bulbs that are also Energy-Efficient

When it comes to beautifully designed and practical light fixtures, the right choice is LED light bulbs. LiquidLEDs offer some of the most reliable and visually appealing light bulbs in the market. Energy-efficient and long-lasting, these bulbs don’t require much maintenance.

When it comes to LED light bulbs, LiquidLEDs are the experts. Their products are at the forefront of LED technology serving numerous lighting functions. They take pride in their products being beautifully designed and exceptionally practical. The guiding light behind the company has always been new tech which they apply in their products. This makes LiquidLEDs’ bulbs some of the most modern light fixtures available in the market. The Colour Rendering Index of their bulbs is quite high with an average of CRI90+ rating. All their bulbs are also made to be compatible with most dimmers to create your desired ambience with smooth dimming.

Early on, LiquidLEDs realised people’s reliance on inefficient traditional light bulbs that burn out quickly. They wanted to give their customers reliable and efficient light bulbs that any modern home would need. Their main focus in doing so was on three fronts: quality, sustainability, and visual aesthetics. Through research, they’ve been able to realise all three and offer some of the most beautiful and durable lighting fixtures available in the market today. With continued research, they’ve been able to enlarge the offerings of LED lights. Previous models only offer printed circuit LED technology but through innovation, a whole spectrum of colour and tones are now available for all types of lighting needs. They’ve worked with some of the world’s leading LED light manufacturer to ensure the highest standards in all their products.

A popular product that LiquidLEDs are particularly proud to share to their customers is their dimmable candle light bulbs. These are great fixtures to place in any room to set the right mood, creating an ambience of relaxation and warmth. Since they are dimmable, the luminosity can be controlled just right. Being dimmable also makes them energy efficient. Unlike traditional bulbs that also offer the same colour gradient and hue, LiquidLEDs’ candle bulbs last longer than any conventional bulbs, with many lasting around 25,000 hours. The dimmable LED filament candle light bulbs are available in 2-watt, 4-watt, and 6-watt. The candle LED bulbs are available in frosted glass or clear glass in a regular shape or flame tip.

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