Explus: The world’s first trading market for blockchain financial derivatives

Explus (explus.com) was founded in 2018 by the largest oil fund among the UAE royal family members and the European Rothschild Family. It is supervised by St. Vincent Financial Institution and a blockchain derivatives financial eco company which has obtained relevant qualifications in the UK. Its founding team consists of leaders from the traditional financial industry such as Vodafone UK and Barclays Bank. The team has sufficient success in product design, development and operation in the blockchain financial derivatives trading market and it is the most senior trading market development and operation team in the industry.

Explus pioneers the world’s first blockchain financial derivatives trading market, integrating the blockchain with the four major functions of banking, lending, credit, and financial products in the traditional financial product system to form a complete closed loop of the Explus ecosystem. Explus is committed to providing more diversified, more professional, safer, more convenient and more efficient blockchain financial derivatives services to global users, furthermore, to promoting the advancement and development of digital currency business forms with blockchain technology and innovation systems.

Compared with the traditional cryptocurrency trading system, Explus has five core advantages:

High-performance core quantization algorithm

Explus has mastered the core quantification algorithm with leading artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis. The trading system has reached the millisecond level and can realize hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, thus forming high barrier product protection.

Multi-cluster coupling architecture system

Explus adopts an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster coupling system architecture. The design of this system architecture has greatly improved its system performance, security, stability and scalability. Function deployment and version iteration realize module coupling, regulation and transmission to ensure the operation experience of end users to the greatest extent.

Rich in resources, good liquidity support

Explus has a wealth of industry resources and many quality partners. At the time of the launch of the system, it has reached deep consensus cooperation with many investment funds, mainstream exchanges and top project parties around the world, laying a solid foundation for the sufficient liquidity of the platform to ensure a good trading experience for users.

Bank-level liquidators cooperate to make safe and convenient

Explus works with the world’s 10 largest bank-level clearers to reinforce the security and stability of the channel and provide multiple barriers to user financial security. Efficient cash withdrawal at T+0 minute level provides users with the fastest and most convenient charging experience.

Authoritative second-level real-time data, fair trading can be played back

Explus will establish strategic partnerships with the top 100 digital asset trading platforms in the world, providing services such as digital identity authentication system services and transaction information mutual trust services, creating a transaction ecosystem of mutual trust, realizing the real-time transmission of data source information, and enhancing the market trading depth of blockchain financial derivatives.

From its inception to the present, Explus has won recognition and support from all walks of life in different countries:

In October 2018, Explus won the top ten “Creative New Financial Brands” issued by CoinDesk; in November of the same year, it was selected as the “New Potential Enterprise” by the Institute of International Finance; in March 2019, Explus was invited to join the World Blockchain Association as resident member; won NewsBTC “Honest Brand Award” in May; in July officially became the vice-chairman institutional member of U.K. Finance.

Along the way, Explus has always firmly demonstrated its strength and integrity and passed on its values. What impact will the launch of Explus’ first blockchain financial derivatives product bring to the market? Let’s wait and see.

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