“A unique tale inspired by a powerful female character,” wrote Morbidly Beautiful.

Los Angeles, CA – August 22, 2019 – Watch Elle Evans slay as she takes form of a glimmering, mystical and deadly spirit creature, the Leannán Sí, today on Amazon Prime: https://amzn.to/2TPuPZL.

Splashed across every Hollywood headline is the recent Malibu wedding between the lead singer of the mega rock band Muse, Matt Bellamy, and his new-bride, Elle Evans, who is well-known as the face of NYX Cosmetics and for starring in Robyn Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video.

Seen on the screen in Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015) and The Love Witch (2016), Evans emerged as a feature lead in John Burr’s (Boots, The Last Kill) 13-time award winning psychological thriller MUSE (2018), radiating a spectacular dialogue-less performance.

“Because she doesn’t utter a word, she has to convey so much in her physicality and with her eyes. She has to be hypnotically alluring one moment and convincingly terrifying the next. She must convey an otherworldly, supernatural quality while retaining a core, humanity. The success of the film largely hinges on her performance, and she more than delivers,” wrote Morbidly Beautiful on Evans’ performance.

MUSE is a twisted, haunted fairytale based on an Irish legend that explores the thin line between passion and obsession. Adam (Riley Egan) is a struggling painter longing to find artistic success, who also hopes to gain the affection of Maria (Kate Mansi) without her successful artist beau (Lou Ferrigno, Jr.) getting in his way. But Adam finally gets a shot at both when he encounters his true muse – a haunting, ethereal woman with a mesmerizing gaze called the Leannán Sí (Elle Evans) – he becomes utterly captivated, as his obsession seems to manifest her presence. With her by his side, Adam’s artistic passion is ignited with help of local gallery owner Valerie (Jennie Fahn). Soon, Adam becomes trapped within a torrid love affair, realizing the intensity of her unwavering dedication, ultimately leading to violent chaos. Eventually, Adam must face the consequences of an obsession that verges on madness, and he is forced to choose between his morality and his muse.

“The Leannán Sí, Elle Evans, is perfect as the beautiful muse who understandably turns the heads of almost every man in sight. Despite her non-existent dialogue, Evans radiates raw sexual prowess and comfortably expresses a whole set of convincing emotions from tender and mysterious to jealous to angry,” wrote OC Movie Reviews.

You can watch MUSE today on various digital streaming platforms.

Alongside Evans, MUSE features talent from Lou Ferrigno Jr. (Teen Wolf), Riley Egan (All I Ever Wanted), Emmy-award winner Kate Mansi (How I Met Your Mother), Phil Abrams (Insidious: Chapter 3) and Jennie Fahn (Gloria Bell). In addition, MUSE credits its fantastic editing to longtime, legendary editors, Ed Marx (Jeepers Creepers, Frozen) and Jeff Murphy (Justice).

MUSE (2018, 95 min.) Directed and written by John Burr. Produced by: Josh Mills, TJ Amato, Austin Sepulveda, Michael Smiy, Dan Amato. Editor: Ed Marx, Jeff Murphy. Cinematographer: Damian Horan. Original Music: Alexander Rudd. USA, English.  Desert Wind Films, Watchmakers Entertainment, Manhattan Company Entertainment, DarkCoast.

Produced by: Desert Wind Films, Watchmakers Entertainment, Manhattan Company Entertainment.

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