WiFi Audio Tech company CloviTek Inc Attending 2019 SVIEF to Showcase its Award-Winning CloviFi WiFi Audio HD Streaming System

Proprietary cloud-based advertising platform with CloviFi can use any muted TV to increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue streams.

August 23, 2019 – CloviTek, Inc. the global wireless audio tech company for small businesses, announced it will be exhibiting at the 2019 Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) and Exhibition September 7th – 8th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. CloviTek will present its award-winning wireless audio transmitter, CloviFi and its cloud-based advertising platform at the Startup Roadshow Booth.

CloviFi enables users to privately listen to high quality TV audio streams through personal mobile devices, without disturbing others nearby. Unlike current Bluetooth audio transmitters and receivers, a single CloviFi transmitter connects multiple Android or IOS users throughout the house or in business establishments with multiple TVs such as sports bars, gyms and fitness centers, churches and houses of worship, hospitals, waiting rooms, and airport business lounges over WiFi. Consumers can use their own headphones and a free mobile app to stream what they want to listen to.

For more information about business wireless audio streaming solutions, please visit https://wifiaudio.tech/.

Have you ever walked into a gym or bar or airport and seen banks of TVs that you could not hear? We are excited to present our award-winning product that solves the problem of muted TVs along with the AI powered cloud-based platform for increasing customer engagement, retention and revenue streams,” said Vitaly Magidov Kirkpatrick, CEO and founder of CloviTek, Inc. “CloviTek is the simplest way to solve the most common home and business TV listening requests without the need to install bulky servers and wiring.  We are excited to bring this innovation to SVIEF.”

CloviFi Product Features:

  • Low-latency real-time audio streaming over WiFi
  • Full stereo high-definition audio sound
  • Use existing WiFi network
  • Doesn’t interfere with the customer’s Internet access
  • Customizable marketing features within the app
  • A free mobile app for Apple and Android devices
  • Plug-n-play easy five-step installation
  • Low power consumption through USB
  • Compact with adjustable mounting options to attach to a TV panel
  • Stream to multiple devices simultaneously over longer distance compared to Bluetooth
  • Multiple audio inputs for streaming
  • Use it anywhere: gyms, bars, churches, waiting rooms, and many other venues

Visit CloviTek at the Startup Roadshow Booth during SVIEF 2019 to learn more about CloviFi. To schedule a demo or meeting during the show, please reach out to vitaly@clovitek.com

About CloviTek

Incorporated in 2018, CloviTek Inc is a manufacturer of a wireless hardware device that transmits audio from a TV to a mobile device using Wireless (Wi-Fi) transmission technologies for audio streaming. CloviTek was named a CES 2018 Innovations Award Honoree for CloviFi in the High-Performance Home Audio & Video category.

CloviTek’s awards and recognitions can be viewed here: https://www.clovitek.com/pages/clovitek-awards-and-recognitions

For more information about CloviTek and to order demo units, please visit the corporate site https://www.clovitek.com

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