How a Wider Range of Non-Invasive Treatments is Helping to Restore Youthful Skin

The human skin is a delicate feature and with so many threats to its health and appearance – pollution and environmental concerns, poor diets and lack of hydration, and the stresses and strains of busy modern life – it is no wonder that people seek out treatments for a wide range of conditions.

Other conditions, however, are more naturally occurring, with issues such as rosacea, acne and dry skin often being rooted in medical causes, requiring recognized clinical treatment.

Canada MedLaser is a cosmetic and beauty treatment clinic that offers numerous non-invasive treatments for a range of skin conditions. It can cater to all needs, whether those are to restore damaged or unhealthy skin or to simply freshen up and revitalise skin for an extra youthful look.

Microneedling is a treatment that can be used to address a number of skin conditions, including acne scars, pigmentation, stretch marks, wrinkles and dryness. It tackles these issues through the stimulation of the body’s natural processes. Tiny needles are used to prick microscopic holes in the affected areas of the skin, which causes the natural reaction of collagen being produced to repair the ‘damaged’ skin. This repair and restore process creates new and fresh-looking skin, which has also received a hydration boost from the collagen.

Chemical peels are another form of tackling issues such as acne scars, wrinkles, redness or enlarged pores. It works by removing the top layer of skin through the application of a light acidic treatment, which varies according to the severity of the condition – the most intense is reserved for the deepest, most formidable scarring.

A similar skin treatment also offered by Canada MedLaser is Microdermabrasion, which works in the same exfoliating manner in that it aims to remove layers of skin to expose and stimulate the growth of younger, collagen-infused skin. Microdermabrasion tackles scars and wrinkles through a controlled spraying of fine crystals, which are simultaneously sucked up and removed from the treatment area. There are two methods – crystal Microdermabrasion, which projects crystals that gently scrape and polish the skin, and diamond-tip Microdermabrasion, which is more appropriate for sensitive areas of the skin. Canada MedLaser also offers the Microdermabrasion process of AquaPure Facial, which combines four separate processes.

Another form of skin treatment is platelet rich plasma therapy, which uses the platelets from a patient’s own blood sample to inject areas of skin affected by acne scars, wrinkles and redness. It works by stimulating collagen to restore damaged areas, with some users claiming that it has continued to prompt collagen production even years after the initial treatment.

Stimulating the body’s natural processes is also central to the VelaShape III, a machine used by Canada MedLaser specialists to firm up sagging skin and restore a youthful look. It does this by combining infrared light and radio frequency technology to supply a controlled level of heat to the skin, which is aimed at fat cells, fibrous cords and collagen fibres – this process causes the production of collagen and elastin, which work to firm up and tighten the skin.

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Canada MedLaser offers services in clinics based in Newmarket, Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga. They are staffed by qualified professionals whose credentials meet national requirements, with only fully licensed procedures taking place and all staff having undergone specialized training.  

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