Susan Ashley releases her new book titled Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity

Susan Ashley releases her new book titled Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity
Certified anti-aging and regenerative medicine practitioner, Susan Ashley, launches her book – “Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity,” where she teaches how to prevent and reverse disease, lose weight and optimize health while on the road

Susan Ashley has again showed her passion for preventative health and extending life with the release of her book – “Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity.” The book is authored to serve as a guide to help improve the life of a long-forgotten yet vital segment of our society – the truck drivers, containing easy yet effective tips on how they can live a happy, healthy life.

Truck driving is not a particularly easy task and has been described by many as one of the most dangerous occupations in the country. Drivers have been discovered to stand a greater risk of suffering from heart disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, stroke, and other illnesses, which are mostly related to obesity and inactivity. Unfortunately, the society pays little or no attention to this special set of people and their health, a narrative Susan Ashley is looking to change with the release of her comprehensive health guide that is not only useful to truck drivers but the general public.

The book is unlike an average health care book as Dr Ashley approaches the subject from an integrative medicine standpoint. Some of the topics covered in the book include optimizing hormones to slow the aging process and improve stamina, best supplements for prevention and reversal of diseases, and use of stem cells. The book also offers some of the best exercise regimens to reduce fat, gain muscle, and improve metabolism. Dr Ashley also shows truck drivers and other such readers how to pass their DOT every time, year after year.

Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity” has been receiving accolades from different readers since it was launched on Amazon. “I’m not a trucker (female in 70s), but something made me “look inside” this book. I’m glad I did. Dr. Ashley explains many common health problems and hormone imbalances with recommendations for supplements and herbs with proper dosages. Includes sections on nutrition, with some easy recipes, and exercise. I so want a body vibration plate. Oh, and learn why tourmaline can detox your body. So much helpful advice. The price is right, so check it out,” said Susan Ashley.

The paperback and hardcover formats of “Truckers Guide to Health and Longevity” are currently available on Amazon for readers worldwide.

About Susan Ashley

Dr. Susan Ashley has a board certification in both Family Medicine and in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and is passionate about preventative health and extending life. She was a flight surgeon in the US Air Force Reserves, spent six months practicing tropical medicine in Nairobi, and 2 medical missions to the Ukraine. She currently owns 2 practices in Liberty Lake WA and travels extensively around the country.

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