African Water Charity Describes Effects Of Water Pollution On Human Health

African Water Charity Describes Effects Of Water Pollution On Human Health

The Last Well: Clean Water & Village Transformation Charity In Liberia

Rockwall, Texas – August 26, 2019 – The Last Well, an African water charity, recently published a blog informing readers about the negative effects of water pollution on human health. While clean water is a vital resource, it is often difficult to find, causing serious health concerns.

There are several ways that water can be polluted. In many cases, human or animal waste enters sources of clean water, causing the likelihood of serious illness. It can also be polluted through the improper disposal of trash, spoiled food, and other contaminants. Finally, chemical pesticides, while useful in protecting plants from harmful pests, can often run off when the crops are watered. Water can be difficult to clean once it is polluted, but proper education on sanitation and safe disposal methods can be highly effective in preventing this pollution in the first place.

Polluted water has many serious negative effects on the health of the communities that depend on those water sources for survival each day. Cholera, which is typically a risk in overcrowded communities, can lead to rapid rapid dehydration without prompt treatment. Mosquito-borne infections, like dengue fever and malaria, are also common. The insects use dirty sources of water as breeding grounds, allowing the illnesses to spread. Cases of hepatitis have been found in areas that are transitioning to safer water sanitation efforts, and it is therefore important to monitor for this disease when improving water access.

African communities face the health consequences of poor water quality every day, and the children living within them are particularly vulnerable. The Last Well is working to increase access to clean water in Liberia to protect communities and help their children grow up healthy by drilling wells and providing hygiene and sanitation resources. This Christian charity has undertaken the ambitious goal of giving clean water to everyone in Liberia by the end of 2019, and you can help support this endeavor by making a one-time donation or pledging to sponsor a village through monthly donations. For more information, contact The Last Well at 972-544-5846 or online at The organization is headquartered at 2255 Ridge Road, Suite 206A, Rockwall, TX 75087.

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