Columbu CAT is an innovative public blockchain with many unique characteristics

Columbu CAT was launched in 2017 as a global community-based open source blockchain project. Through the distributed cloud computing platform based on blockchain technology, high-performance open platform of DAPP (decentralized/distributed application), a new community incentive mechanism and autonomous system, a global distributed large-scale free economy collaborative network of intelligent economy is realized. Global distributed community development has been carried out since March, 2018. With community development as its core, CAT is preparing to build a million-level global developer community to collaborate in real time on Reddit, Discord, Github, Twitter and Bitcointalk channels.

Columbu CAT main chain has made innovations mainly in the following points: 1. Block index; 2. Building storage system with distributed nodes; 3. Blockchain distributed VPN; 4. Resisting quantum attack; 5. Structured data storage; 6. Cluster analysis of big data; 7. Quantum key distribution; 8. Hardware accelerator based on software-hardware combination blockchain of CUDA.

Columbu CAT technology has many characteristics as following: first, it is of high performance and high concurrency. It uses low latency and high concurrency acceleration engine technology to support millions of transactions per second and achieve second-level confirmation; second, it is of high scalability. Distributed data storage in DAPP allows diversified application scenario selection; third, it is secure. The probability of resisting quantum attack is reduced because of distributed VPN mechanism, innovative anonymous P2P encrypted communication network, quantum key distribution, active secure data protection mechanism, updated keccak-512 hash algorithm; forth, it is user-friendly. Modular BAAS development platform, friendly and efficient intelligent contract mechanism are adopted. In addition, it has low latency and low power consumption, with low transfer fee and the confirmation speed within 0.5s seconds. Moreover, it is not difficult to develop the technology. It has original NAM programming language and NAM VM running environment, driven by the open source and technology community; finally, it includes the creation and exchange of values. It has high-performance computing platform, value exchange platform, distributed private key control technology (cross-link data exchange protocol) and distributed multi-source data exchange protocol.

Columbu CAT integrates the bottom development of blockchain, the application development of government chain and business chain, and uses blockchain technology to empower traditional government and business. Our team has developed or undertaken several large blockchain projects, including China’s first digital identity system IMI, “0” runner blockchain for government applications, China’s first judicial blockchain project called “blockchain notarization and community correction platform”, FAW “GoFun” blockchain sharing trip, tourism blockchain and Li blockchain + industry upgrading and transformation project, etc.

A. GCloud Everest cloud computing platform

GCloud Everest cloud computing platform includes distributed cloud computing platform (XDAG), CUDA software and hardware combination acceleration engine module and GCloud mobile terminals (pc/mobile). Firstly, distributed cloud analysis, data cluster analysis, server distributed deployment, application services, distributed storage and other functions will be provided for developers in the future. Secondly, general solutions, industry solutions, modular cloud open platform, BAAS services, large data cluster services and other functions will be offered to commercial users. Thirdly, the public cloud storage function based on CAT provided for C-end users will provide structured data storage function through the global distributed nodes of the public chain of CAT in the future, which will support distributed decentralized content storage of conventional files, videos, pictures, audio, source code, etc.

B. Chain Travel Development Platform-XDolphin

The whole blockchain technology solution based on CAT high-speed DAPP includes parallel application chain group which can be easily expanded, and rich middleware template on that basis, so that each DAPP can quickly link to the public chain to release asset based on an independent and efficient parallel application link. The assets between parallel application chain and public chain can be exchanged and circulated.

C. Application scenarios of high scalability

The high-performance public chain of CAT will always combine the development of blockchain/distributed account book technology, explore the requirements of different application scenarios, provide a series of protocol layer basic APIs and application development interface SDKS, such as distributed multi-source data exchange, intelligent contract, distributed storage, distributed multi-dimensional cross-chain protocol, etc. Community developers and application scenario demanders can simplify the development and deployment of distributed services provided by CAT.

Columbu CAT has been tested online on the main network in June 2019. In August of the same year, it was launched on the CUDA blockchain cloud computing platform. It is expected that NAM programming language and NAM VM virtual machine will be released in September 2019 and deep integration between global strategy DAPP and real-world businesses will be released in October. The first decentralized cloud development platform for BAAS will be launched in December, and the official version of the main network will be released in February 2020, marking a high-performance multi-chain block cross-chain development platform. In June 2020, a new distributed multi-dimensional free economic cooperation network based on AI and LOT will be released.

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