Francisca Restaurant Provides Great Latin American Flavor

Francisca Restaurant Provides Great Latin American Flavor

Latin American Cuisine is about more than just spicy green chili, tortillas, and tacos. Although these foods are delicious, they are only a small sample of the diverse flavors that come from Latin America. The name itself refers to a vast region that not only encompasses Mexico and Central America, but South America as well. These cultures are each very different with unique traditions, languages, and foods. 

To understand the food of Latin America, it is important to understand the people who inhabit the area. Many of the people who live in Latin America have European ancestors and with this ancestry comes a vast array of techniques and traditions that have been passed down through the cuisine. When families from Spain, Portugal, and even Asia began to settle in Latin America, they brought with them their traditions which they began to blend with the local produce that was available. The result is that many of the same ingredients are prepared in dramatically different ways from region to region. 

Today, Latin American cuisine is being rediscovered by many families and restaurant proprietors both because of its nostalgic taste and its simplistic nature. Compared with many other cuisines such as French or Italian food, it is much easier to prepare and master while being no less delicious. Simply put, Latin American food is great at taking diversity and bringing it together around one table. 

Francisca Restaurant is celebrating this diversity while staying true to the traditions that were passed down to Francisca from her own family. Francisca was born in Venezuela where she began her exploration of the many flavors and customs of Latin America. Today the restaurant features dishes from more than 8 different countries in Latin America. 

Francisca’s love of food is combined harmoniously with a love of traveling and family. A strong relationship with her Asian grandmother led her to a love of charcoal-grilled meats which form the basis of the restaurant’s menu. The food brings the flavors of a Sunday afternoon family get-together to the table. Each dish is not only filled with flavorful spices but also history. The entrees, sides, and deserts each have a story to tell and they all represent a different family and a different lifestyle. 

The misunderstanding of Latin American food comes from a lack of understanding about the expansiveness of the region, the diversity of cultures, and the rich history that has been passed down to its inhabitants. Francisca’s Latin American grill is seeking to break down these barriers and spread the love of Latin American food in all of its variety to the Doral community. After all, there is nothing that brings communities together more than a large table spread with warm and delicious food.

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