Highly Effective Water Softeners in Akron, OH, for Residential and Commercial Customers

Puronics is an industry leader in water softening systems that has served residential and commercial customers since 1947. Their innovative water softeners in Akron, OH, help property owners maintain cleaner, clearer water by eliminating calcium, magnesium and other contaminants.

Their water softening systems use state-of-the-art technology to remove minerals from tap and drinking water. While water companies must follow laws that protect the safety of water, they cannot completely eliminate every impurity. When water contains too much magnesium and calcium, it can take a toll on drains and pipes over time. Additionally, these minerals reduce the effectiveness of soaps and detergents. The water softeners that Puronics of Akron manufactures protect customers from the effects of magnesium and calcium in tap water.

Their water softeners work by collecting hard minerals and flushing them away. Their products use NASA-developed technology to deliver superior results. Featuring ion exchangers that target calcium and magnesium ions and replace them with potassium or sodium, these products reliably protect tap water for years to come. Whether customers use the municipal water supply or a well, Puronics offers the solution for softer water. Interested property owners are encouraged to reach out to the company for a free consultation.

In addition to removing magnesium and calcium, Puronics offers products that eliminate chloramine. Chloramine is a combination of chlorine and ammonia. Water companies often use this as a disinfectant. However, it can have a corrosive effect on water lines and piping. A Puronics water softener will help household appliances last longer, remove objectionable odors and tastes from water and improve the effectiveness of soaps and cleaners. With each of their products and services, Puronics remains dedicated to customers’ total satisfaction.

Contact Puronics at (330) 892-7275 or visit their website for more information. They proudly serve commercial and residential customers throughout the Akron, OH, area. 

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