JOHNHANCOCK smart flask: slimming only by drinking water

Normally, every overweight person may still afraid of eating and drinking? Broken cups let the customer get both the benefits. The American hunting news website “” reported on August 26 that recently, a creative water cup with its own weight-loss function has been launched, attracting attention. This cup called JOHNHANCOCK Smart Flask is a great tool for dieters to lose weight.

The key to the difference between this type of cup and the ordinary cup is that each cup has a special mineral. The main designer of the cup, Lsaac Lavi, was also plagued by obesity, so she came up with the idea of ​​designing a drinking cup to lose weight. After years of hard research and exploration by him and the team, they finally launched this creative water cup.

Smart water cups on the market are not uncommon, but the smart broken cups that can “break” water are the first in the world. Everyone has a cup, porcelain, glass, plastic… But who can think of such a normal and inconspicuous thing in life, is catching up with technology in Europe, and has become a new favorite of many young people. “The core of this broken cup is the active micro-electrolysis of water using the unique Alpine ancient ore in Germany.” Adam, senior engineer of JOHNHANCOCK, Germany, told the author, the core engine of this precision device is “Alps ancient ore”.

By pressing the ore into small particles to make the cup wall, the ordinary water is poured into the broken cup, and the ordinary purified water of about 50 degrees can be electrolyzed into small molecular groups in 20 minutes to become rich in trace elements of “slimming water” The function of this slimming water is crushed water and crushed fat. Among them, the water that has been magnetized by the ore enters the body and can be quickly broken up and electrolyzed into small molecular group water with a weak alkaline negative potential.

This small molecule water has strong permeability and solubility, and can directly react with the oil in the water to dissolve the oil immediately which can achieve the purpose of crushing oil and crushing fat. At the same time, this water also has a strong anti-oxidation property similar to vitamin C, which can reduce the peroxide in the body, scavenge free radicals, and play a natural  beauty effect.

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