Clinical Artificial Intelligence to democratise Evidence-based quality cancer care Across the World

August 29, 2019 – As cancer continues to take more and more lives, and medical science grapples with human errors and flaws, it is time to deploy the most cutting-edge technology available today. Clinical artificial intelligence holds tremendous promise to address the key issues such as shortage of professional and trained staff and medical errors in reducing cancer related mortality.

Cancer caused over 9.8 million recorded deaths in 2018. Poor countries, which comprise over 4 billion people, lack sufficient clinical expertise, knowledge and facilities to deliver accurate diagnosis. Although data science can help, its high cost still remains a hurdle.

As per a report from Macmillan Cancer Support, in the UK, 47% of people will get cancer in their lifetime by the year 2020. As is well known, the survival rate and quality of life will be closely linked to early diagnosis. For those living in remote and rural areas of the world, early diagnosis can be extremely challenging to obtain. Nearly half of literature studies show that breast cancer diagnosis was delayed for patients living in geographically remote or rural areas, and in 28% of cases, urban women had a higher percentage of early diagnosis.

I can’t bear to see the disparity in the healthcare standards of UK and underserved countries like Gaza, especially with respect to quality medical care and evidence-based medicine. I strongly feel that Clinical Artificial Intelligence holds the key to boost the healthcare standards of such deprived healthcare systems,” says Consultant Surgeon Dr Arti Garg, St Bart’s NHS Trust and Newham University Hospital, London.

Youdiagnose is the world’s first clinical AI healthcare service to be run on a combination of artificial intelligence and human intelligence, offering free evidence-based cancer diagnosis and treatment options to patients anywhere in the world. The platform promises quick, accurate and objective diagnosis for everyone, irrespective of geographical location.

There are other reasons that lead to delay in cancer diagnosis. As per studies, nearly 2/3rd of the delay in diagnosis occurred when symptoms aren’t taken seriously (56%), or when conventional therapy is relied upon (12%), and due to fear of cancer diagnosis/treatment (12%).

These and other factors are addressed by Youdiagnose. Based on a self-care model for the internet age patients, Youdiagnose allows patients to feed in their clinical reports and responses to the questionnaires system, and receive an unbiased, personalised and objective assessment. The results and advice is also vetted by human intelligence, making the diagnosis and treatment match perfectly with the individual patient’s need.

With over 250,000 deaths per year in the US alone due to medical error, we’re creating a platform that allows rigid cross-checking, where man and machine will be able to work together to validate all clinical decisions,” says Dr. Aswini Misro, Founder, Youdiagnose.

Prof. Bijen Patel, Academic Surgeon from Queen Mary University and University College Hospital, London, says, “It takes 15-20 years to produce a fully qualified and experienced consultant. To address the gigantic staff shortage, we must use technologies to develop a synergy between man and machine, which will also help reduce medical errors.”

The man-machine collaboration for diagnosis pioneered by YouDiagnose derives from the use of Fusion Intelligence Matrix, which combines the best of human and artificial intelligence. While the internet offers generic and often inaccurate information, Youdiagnose offers evidence-based and well researched diagnosis and advice to perfectly match the individual patient’s need. It is called personalised clinical artificial intelligence.

YouDiagnose advantages at a glance:

  • Combination of man and machine to minimise human error
  • Personalized, data based clinical diagnosis and treatment solutions
  • Clinical artificial intelligence to free clinical staff from repetitive tasks, and focus on psycho-social aspects of disease
  • Fast, friction-less and informative interface.
  • Standard and quality healthcare free of cost to anyone in the world.

Youdiagnose is currently seeking investment to formally launch its services around the world.

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