PT. Mahkota Group Offering Sustainable Palm Oil Milling and Plantation

PT. Mahkota Group Offering Sustainable Palm Oil Milling and Plantation

Medan, Indonesia – PT Mahkota Group, Tbk established their first Palm Oil Mill factory in 2002 in Riau Province. This group has made a mark in Indonesia as a palm oil production business. Now, they are pleased to announce that clients can find out the availability of their expanded sustainability methods and palm oil processing factories in North Sumatra and Riau by heading to their website at

PT Mahkota Group, Tbk place high importance on integrity, quality, environmental sustainability, and quality working standards. This factory specializes in the production of Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK). Since their first mill in Riau, the company and its subsidiaries have opened six other mills.

PT Mahkota Group, Tbk supports environmental sustainability by reprocessing the residue of their products. The residue is liquid and solid waste. This waste is then processed and used as renewable energy. They have developed industry-changing solutions to take the liquid and solid waste from their Crude Oil production and convert it to renewable energy for their factory. The company believes in a “zero-waste” policy. They follow this model as a testimony to their mission: to be environmentally conscientious.

The company also has gained recognition for its commitment to public health. PT Mahkota Group, Tbk builds partnerships and relationships with nearby communities. This is another reason they do not want their product waste to traverse outside of the factory and contaminate nearby lands. They aim to support the health of nearby communities through environmental sustainability.

PT Mahkota Group, Tbk uses raw materials such as Fresh Fruit Bunch to make their Crude Palm Oil and Palm Kernel. It takes effort to produce the caliber of Crude Palm Oil that people have come to expect from their mills. They ensure high-quality production by adhering to a rigorous fruit selection process. The company procures these materials by utilizing a guarded Quality Management System.

PT Mahkota Group, Tbk is committed to environmental sustainability and public health consciousness. With palm oil processing and renewable energy practices, the company has shown how factories can create cohesion with their mission, vision, and values. With plants in North Sumatra and Riau, they are placing these communities at the forefront of a vision for a sustainable future.

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