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After 10 years of development, digital currency has become a well-known asset class in the world, but the digital money market of 130 billion assets is very scattered. There are more than 500 optical and digital currency exchanges. The same digital currency is different in each exchange. The quotation, the trader needs to spend a lot of effort to make the artificial comparison in order to obtain the optimal buying and selling price, and also requires complicated registration, account opening, authentication and charging before each exchange is traded. The currency and other procedures make the traders feel overwhelmed, and the capital flow is extremely fragmented. The digital currency market urgently needs a one-stop broker solution.

The digital currency cross-site one-stop trading service platform ImBroker can solve this industry pain point. Unlike traditional digital currency exchanges, ImBroker provides multi-value value-added services based on digital currency brokerage services, including: digital currency trading brokerage services, asset management and investment services, wallet services, quantitative trading services and social and information services, allowing users to be more worry-free, more professional and more profitable in digital currency transactions.

ImBroker will also release IBK as a functional token for the community. Users can use IBK to pay for any services provided by ImBroker, including but not limited to trading commissions, profit sharing, fund malls, strategic supermarkets, investment banking, financing, technical services, online transactions, and more.

In the future, ImBroker will aggregate the world’s mainstream digital currency exchanges as a trading portal to aggregate traffic, and then create an autonomous ecological platform integrating transaction functions, value-added services and social information through broker value-adding, social wealth management and entertainment competition to complete the link confirmation. Community autonomy.

ImBorker solves the troubles of the digital currency market, an account, a world, and makes your assets more free!

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