How To Choose an AC Repair Contractor in McDonough GA

How To Choose an AC Repair Contractor in McDonough GA

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There are a lot of air conditioner contractors in McDonough GA on google and yelp. How do you know which one to choose? Use these tips from JSC Enterprises LLC.

JSC Enterprises shares tips on how to choose an air conditioning repair contractor in McDonough Ga

If you are looking to hire an ac repair contractor in McDonough Ga then listen closely. We interviewed Steve Casell of JSC Enterprises who has some tips to help you pick the right air conditioner contractor to work on your unit.

After World War II Steve’s father went to technical school to learn commercial refrigeration. At seven years old little Steve was right in the truck with dad. At age 13 he changed his first compressor out. It was love at first sight. Steve became ain industrial engineer after high school. Eight years ago he started his refrigeration & air conditioning repair business. Today he also trains future techs at a nearby technical school that teaches refrigeration and HVAC.

We ask Steve what are some things to look for in an ac repair company in McDonough?

  • Appearance
  • Reputation
  • Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Experience

I asked Steve why is personal appearance so important?

After all, I just want my air conditioner fixed, right?

Steve quickly rattled off:

  • Do the workers that show up at your house look like they are clean people?
  • Are they grubby looking?
  • Are they wearing old pants dirty boots?
  • Do they use profanity?
  • Did they show respect for you and the cleanliness of your home?

I asked Steve, what does this have to do with repairing or installing a new air conditioner? He answered, “All of these things reflect their personality, their work ethics and their ability to do the work in your home. ” In fact, as a teacher, Steve says that he drills into his students that appearance does matter. He continues, “I tell them they need to clean up their mouth and they need to clean up their act if you’re going to make it in this business.”

Unfortunately this work ethic is not taught or practiced in every company.

Let’s talk about the ac contractors reputation

People need take time and look at the reviews that the McDonough air conditioning repair company has. This will tell you what kind of company it is and what kind of reputation they have. Take the time to read the reviews to get a clear sense of what kind of company this is. After reading the reviews what does your gut tell you?

How Steve gets 5 star reviews WITHOUT ever doing any work

This sounds funny at first, doesn’t it? I asked Steve to explain what he meant by this.

“Many times we go out to look at a job and tell people they don’t need to replace their unit. In other words we do not install a new one and we don’t make any money. Yet the person takes the time to leave us a nice review thanking us for our honesty and saving them tons of money. We believe this is the best form of advertising in the world!”

Is your McDonough air conditioner company insured?

This was very surprising. Steve tells us that even in Clark Howard’s backyard, very few homeowners in McDonough ever ask if he is insured. Do me a favor and ask yourself this question. Am I the type of person that asks if a company is insured or not? Steve recommends to make sure that your installer have at least a $1 million general liability insurance policy. He adds, “The facts are that there are tons of guys out there that do work on the side and do not have proper insurance”.

How do they get away with this? No one is asking to see proof of insurance. Unfortunately it’s very easy for someone to lie and say that they are insured when in fact they are not. So do yourself a favor and ask to see a copy of the insurance policy.

Are they licensed?

Unfortunately, many people repair and install air conditioning units without a license. Sure they may work for someone with a license during the day. But what if they work on your home in the evening or on the weekends for themselves as a side job? Insist on a licensed installer that understands the code and requirements. Ask for proof of license.

The Advantage of working with a small company instead of a air con repair company in McDonough.

Steve tells us as a teacher that he sees, “Many of the big companies hire kids right out of tech school without any work experience. They usually last for five months before they’re put in the truck to do service calls on your home.” So here is the $99,000 question, “Do you want someone practicing on your home?”

On the other hand when you work with a small company many times you get the owner himself or a family member working on your home. The owner will work hard to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with the installation. A happy customer is the blood that flows through the veins of a small mom and pop shop. In fact Steve tells us that about 50% of the new business he gets is referral or reputation generated for his company, JSC Enterprises.

Steve Cassell is available to answer your questions here at their website.


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