Modern Coloring & Coating Machines for Fiber Optics Now Available in the Stock of Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

The Chinese company supplies advanced machines with superior speed and easy operability for coloring, coating and stranding of fiber optics in a more efficient manner.

There are several types of machines that are required in the fiber optics industry. Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd maintains a significant portfolio of advanced machines for fiber optics, which includes coloring machines, coating lines for fibers and also SZ stranding machines. The company’s machines are of advanced quality, durable and can deliver output in a speedy and efficient manner. Most of these machines operate in the automated manner, and are simple to operate manually as well. Companies engaged in the business of fiber optics can procure these machines from China based Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd at an affordable cost.

Modern Coloring & Coating Machines for Fiber Optics Now Available in the Stock of Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

The company has different types of machines and manufacturing lines for the fiber optics industry. However, their Fiber coloring machine is very popular for its several astounding features. The machine can flawlessly color fiber optics without overlapping.  Its traversing unit avoids overlapping of the optical fiber and perfectly colors each fiber. With is precise coloring capacity, the machine is capable of delivering very high output on a daily basis. According to the spokesperson of the company, the coloring machine also comes with the auto-centralizing unit that plays its role in avoiding overlapping and perfectly coloring each single fiber. This machine is also easy to operate with a sensor display that allows the operator to control temperature, pressure and power supply without any trouble.

The SZ stranding line of the company is also an advanced machine. This machine has been upgraded several times before, and the current version is capable of operating at a significant speed. For stranding of fiber loose tubes, this machine is very reliable in the industry. The spokesperson states that there are numerous clients that use their SZ stranding machines. The company has been supplying this machine to a number of clients across the globe for the past two decades and over. By upgrading its specifications and features, Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has now the stranding line that meets the international quality parameters. Fitted with the PLC and touchscreen, the machine is simple to operate.

The company’s Secondary coating line has also its ample demand because of its speed and performance. This machine can clock a production speed of 800m per minutes, and can deliver a significant output every day. The coating line can work at different speeds and the speed can be altered as per the configuration line of the machine. According to the spokesperson, the machine is often recommended for its excellent performance, and there are many companies that use this stranding line for coating of fiber optics.

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About Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment Co., Ltd has been researching and manufacturing optic fiber cable equipment since 1998. The company’s products include fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line and so on. The company’s market share and equipment’s performance are highly acknowledged in China and worldwide.

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