An Exceptional Medical Office Answering Service Experience from the Best Provider

Dealing with increasing number of calls from patients can be tough for a growing medical practice unless they have access to the best medical office answering service.

The popular and reliable medical office answering service, The Doctors Answer is now more accessible to the medical professionals. Their recently announced packages are now available for as low as $29.99 per month, regardless of whether their services are selected for handling odd hour calls, during lunch time breaks, for daytime call overflow or weekends. Doctors are guaranteed access to highly trained and specialized call agents up to 24 hours a day at one of the lowest prices in the industry.

Founder and CEO, Benjamin Pure, along with business partner, Alexander Basile, realized the need to set up an answering service that focused exclusively on the medical profession. Pure shares his philosophy and the reasons why his company is an exclusive medical office answering service. “Traditional answering service providers offering services to a towing company, plumbing office and doctors, with same employees answering calls for all these three communities, seems completely senseless to me.”

The Doctors Answer ensures that their call agents undergo specialized training so that every caller has a great call experience. The representatives also undergo HIPAA and regular terminology training by attending seminars. Common sense drills and etiquette coaching, alien to most other service providers, is an inherent part of training programs conducted at The Doctors Answer.

The company has a team of 105 highly trained representatives providing high quality service to clients round the clock on all the days of the year. The company encourages their employees to express their views and offers a vibrant, positive and professional work atmosphere. The best employees are rewarded for their exceptional service through a well-developed reward program every month.

The Doctors Answer provides a different level of medical answering service experience to their clients. The representatives provide patients with a calm, friendly and professional voice. All messages to the medical office are tracked to ensure the established procedures and protocols are being followed. Calls are escalated only when necessary and options are provided to contact alternate physicians or specialists as per approved procedures.

The Doctors Answer is a HIPAA compliant service which ensures confidentiality and safe keeping of all the records of patients in a digital and encrypted format. The services are flexible and designed to meet the specific call answering needs of a medical office. Doctors can choose to receive messages in text, email, voicemail and many other delivery options. New clients are provided with an easy, user-friendly and streamlined sign-up process that makes the transition to their answering service smooth, fast and easy.

There are many advantages of using The Doctors Answer for call answering needs of a medical office. Apart from helping in delivering improved patient care to patients, the service also helps reduce overhead costs and improves staff productivity. The service can be used to manage calls over lunch and afterhours or even as an overflow line.

The medical answering service offered by Doctors Answer helps medical professionals maintain a healthy balance between their work and personal life without affecting the quality of care they provide to patients. The staff is trained to handle patient calls specifically as desired by the client. On-call physician is contacted only when it falls within the criteria.

The Doctors Answer offers a 30 day risk free trial which can be used to experience the benefits and competency of their medical office answering service free of cost and at zero risk to present call management system. This is a no-obligation service and can be cancelled any time. They will help you revert back to your original system seamlessly.

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