Subverting traditional payments: The Digital Currency/Electronic Payment is coming (Abbreviation: DC/EP)

In the past few years, mobile payment has become a new global economic growth point due to the popularity of smartphones and mobile Internet. As a versatile technology, Blockchain has penetrated various fields and has been integrated with other industries. In the future, applications of Blockchain will develop vertically from the payments and digital currency sectors, subverting traditional ways of payment.

The advanced DC/EP(Digital Currency/Electronic Payment)research team is trying to construct an open, comprehensive blockchain payment ecosystem through the current popular blockchain technology. DC/EP will subvert the traditional payment model, change the future retail system, and promote the government to upgrade transparently and efficiently. Meanwhile, DC/EP will be fully applied to different areas such as cross-border trade, cross-border settlement, daily consumption, and government affairs, so that asset circulation will be smoother.

There are more and more media reports on blockchain technology. However, some people who are concerned about blockchain are shrinking because of excessive technical conditions. DC/EP hopes to build a future digital currency payment system, providing users with rapid deployment and efficient blockchain solution services, achieving a seamless connection between digital currency and the physical world, and promoting the technological transformation of the new ecology of digital currency. Lastly, let the Fans of blockchain can participate in the construction and development of the DC/EP platform.

In recent years, with the expansion of the blockchain industry and the increase in the variety and value of digital currencies, the digital currency investment market has grown. The current digital market is subject to minimal regulation and has huge growth potential, which will be a great opportunity for investors in traditional markets.

DC/EP is committed to changing the future payment industry, solving the problems of many current blockchain projects, truly linking blockchain payments with real life, allowing everyone to obtain greater profits and enjoy the dividends brought by the development of the times.

The wave of change in the traditional payment industry has arrived, and only the wise man who grasps the opportunity can be fearless. DC/EP is well worth a wait.

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