Italian company launches FIRST anti-time watch on Indiegogo that measures emotions

KAIROS is a unique anti-time watch that not only gauges the time that ticks by on the clock but also the emotions and moods that make up the moments of life.

A visionary Italian watch startup launched a campaign at Indiegogo in support of its innovative anti-time unisex watch. Titled “KAIROS,” this revolutionary timepiece not only measures houses and minutes but also life and emotions.

The campaign is geared to raise around $2500 within the final quarter of this month, and 68% of the funding has already been raised.

The FIRST of its kind, the KAIROS collection derives its name from the Greek word “Kairos.” The term is opposite to another Greek word “Chronos.” While “Chronos” is quantitative and refers to the time that ticks by on the clock – “Kairos” is a qualitative concept and implies the time which one fills up with life. 

Put simply, the new innovative KAIROS wristwatch collection gauges the different emotions which one experiences at a different moment – such as love, anger, passion, calmness, fear, and so on.

“In today’s jet-paced world, we are fast losing out on the simple sweet joys of our life. We all wear watches, and we all check the time constantly. But, instead of watching just the numbers, do we ever bother to pause and experience the passing moments themselves? Most of us don’t as we are always in a hurry and under the pressure of deadlines. However, in doing that, little do we realize that our over-busy life is depriving us of cherishing the little joys of life and little moments of happiness at their best. And this is where KAIROS comes to your rescue”, stated Alexander Milstein, the man behind KAIROS. 

So, what makes up this unique anti-time watch?

Well, the KAIROS display sports real blade and natural lava volcanic stone – which is the stone of rebirth and sourced from the earth’s core. Below that, the watch features moonstone which works to record the body temperature of the wearer to gauge his/her mood. Based on the moonstone readings, the lave stone will keep on changing its colors to red or green or black or indigo, as per the unique “inner” state of the user. 

KAIROS comes in 2 versions- one that measures both time and the wearer’s mood and another that only measures the mood or emotions of the user.

Unique features of KAIROS watch:

  • Japan MIYOTA Quartz movement
  • 44 mm by 12 mm
  • Matte Black stainless steel case
  • Scratch-proof sapphire-coated glass
  • Natural volcanic lava stone display
  • 3 strap options – Black Carbon leather, Black Crocodile Italian leather as well as Black Sport Rubber

“KAIROS is a unique watch that will ‘put life to your time’ and make every moment more meaningful. But such product development demands robust financial backup. And hence, this Indiegogo campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring KAIROS to the world and to spread its healing power all over.”

Backers will be rewarded with discounts on KAIROS watches.

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