Make Friends all over the World to Seek Cooperation, 2019 ASEAN-Chengdu Economic and Trade Cooperation Week launches in Chengdu today

Today(September 17), Chengdu city of the early autumn is made more attractive than ever as there are more than 30 ASEAN guests coming from different industries. For the sake of an inspection tour, they have come all the way from abroad, to kick off the 2019 ASEAN-Chengdu Economic and Trade Cooperation Week.

In the developmental process of “your part in us, our part in you”, Chengdu and the ASEAN countries look forward to bolstering exchanges for more results of cooperation. From today on, the “2019 ASEAN-Chengdu Economic and Trade Cooperation Week”, hosted by Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and organized by Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, has officially commenced. During the six-day event, 40 business officials, commerce associations and representatives of well-known enterprises from eight ASEAN countries were invited to Chengdu for an inspection tour to understand its urban and industrial development in an all-round way, and to connect with each other in terms of resources, markets, projects, and so on.

What you see is what you think.

Well targeted invitation of key enterprises to Chengdu

Pool the strength of the globe in the opening up of the city

In the”Belt and Road” construction and the promotion of westward opening-up strategy, Chengdu as a national central city shoulders the important mission of building the western international portal and hub that transitions from East China and West China and that connects Europe and Asia. Economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN has always been an important issue as Chengdu is opened up to the outside world. On the other hand, ASEAN has always maintained friendly exchanges with Chengdu. “This is why we chose ASEAN as our ‘partner’ for this cooperation week”, explained Zhang Wen, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

At the same time, Zhang Yanwei, Deputy Director of Chengdu Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, also told the guests that “through the one-week event, more friends from the ASEAN countries will experience with ‘Made-in-Chengdu’ products in deeper dimensions.”

“We are heartened by the increasingly close and deep cooperation between Chengdu and ASEAN in recent years. When we come to Chengdu this time, we very much hope to have more extensive and deeper exchanges with Chengdu enterprises based on our own needs! Tan Yuvaroath, Deputy General Director of the General Administration of Trade Promotion of the Ministry of Commerce of Cambodia, said today that in the context of economic globalization, how to enable enterprises to enjoy “dividends” in the process of opening up to the outside world is what many cities are doing, and Chengdu is obviously very sincere. LAW YEE TEE, CEO of Xinyi Technology Group in Penang of Malaysia, holds the same view. “this kind of gracious invitation makes me want to know more about this city. As a representative of a foreign company, I have a lot of income here. I can easily understand Chengdu’s foreign policy and history and culture. I am very excited to see the rapid development of Chengdu, and I look forward to good collaboration through this exchange.”

As it were, the “Cooperation Week” made a well-targeted invitation of the guests for the event, so as to facilitate the connection between the two sides more efficiently. The reporter learned from the organizers of the event that the ASEAN guests and enterprises are from different industries including automobile, finance, information technology, international trade, electronic manufacturing, electronic products retail, all of which are closely correlated with the current Chengdu-Europe cooperation. In five days to come, they will have an in-depth experience of Chengdu’s business climate to understand the general situation of its industries. “As Chengdu moves towards the world, ASEAN is an indispensable and extremely important partner. Chengdu attaches great importance to southward economic and trade cooperation, has the will and strength to strengthen economic and trade cooperation with ASEAN countries under the framework of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’, and shares the dividend of open development,” said Zhang Wen.

It is worth noting that before the formal start of the inspection tour, a discussion meeting was well prepared to invite relevant representatives of the commerce departments of Chengdu’s districts (county-level cities) and counties to proactively recommend local economic and trade policies for guests. In doing this, the organizers hope to form a platform for cooperation and interaction between ASEAN enterprises and Chengdu local enterprises, so that local enterprises are thrilled to “going global” for development. It is reported that the 2019 ASEAN-Chengdu Economic and Trade Cooperation Week will last from September 17 to 21. Over the five days, more than 30 VIP guests who seek cooperation possibilities will come to Chengdu and other places on different occasions.

What you see is what you get

Use your steps to feel the development of Chengdu

Seek opportunities in urban development

Every week, Chengdu sees more than 170 direct flights to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries. It has completed four southbound railway channels to and from Sichuan as well as eight expressways. As the “Chengdu-Europe+” ASEAN international railway-sea inter-modal trains run smoothly, the all-round transportation pattern of the southbound thoroughfare is initially formed. These routes and railways become a link for Chengdu to be connected to the globe.

After the launch ceremony was over, guests immediately went to Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, Shuangliu Free Trade Enterprise Service Center and other points for inspection. According to different subjects of investigation, the organizers provided customized inspection points as per local conditions. What is the profound intention of doing so in Chengdu?

The shocking promotional film of urban planning, the oversized sand table showing future city appearance, the Tianfu Greenway having scenery all the way, and the historical changes of Chengdu planning: all these sights carrying the essence of Chengdu’s “past, present and future” are presented in Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall. Chengdu, as the starting point of the Southern Silk Road and the important nodal function of the national “Belt and Road Initiative”, promotes the exploration of the ASEAN market by a number of export-oriented enterprises with their own brand, high popularity and the strong marketing ability. It guides the gathering of the advantageous ASEAN resources in culture, energy, education, health care, trade and others. The ASEAN Free Trade Center is of great significance to Chengdu and Sichuan at large in terms of better opening-up and high-quality development. In the face of the opportunity to explore opportunities for urban development in Chengdu, the representatives of the exchange delegation are concerned about missing something and neglecting something. That’s why their schedule was always very tight.

“The transport network system linked to the world, the huge consumer market, the international business environment, the global perspective of urban planning; these may be the first descriptions of Chengdu I can give, as well as my first impression of the city. But this is enough to for me to decide investment here”, said “PHONEPASEUTH INTHASONE, General Manager of 3s Gmbh when interviewed by the reporters. It is evident that many guests may have different experiences. “After visiting Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, I feel ‘Chengdu is a city that lingers over your mind once you come. It lives up to the reputation.” said Ye Tianen, financial manager of Palawan Resources Development Corp., “Chengdu’s millennium urban civilization, as well as its wisdom of preserving Bashu Civilization and developing the Tianfu Culture, can be fully felt at four levels – site migration, traceability to ancient Shu Kingdom, reputation of the city, and protection of the city. Ye added, “Through this activity, we hope to broaden the bridge of two-way interaction, exchange, and cooperation between Chengdu and the ASEAN countries,” added Ye.

What you expect is what comes out.

Jointly promote exchanges and cooperation between the two places

Reach a consensus through Chengdu’s invitation.

In the first eight months of this year, the volume of imports and exports between Chengdu and the ASEAN countries totaled 75.5 billion yuan, an increase of 24.7 percent. ASEAN has become Chengdu’s largest export destination market. More than 1400 enterprises of Chengdu have established direct economic and trade relations with ASEAN, putting investment in 145 ASEAN enterprises and institutions. Chengdu has established the city of friendship and the friendly partnership with seven ASEAN cities; it opened direct flights to 27 ASEAN cities, with 229 flights a week. Three international land-sea inter-modal railway trains to ASEAN countries have been running, with a total of 284 train launches in 2018. The ASEAN countries are becoming more popular tourist destinations to Chengdu people…

As the saying goes, those who are willing to following the trend can excel, and those who can plan the trend will have achieve something. Therefore, in order to make the bilateral cooperation more fruitful, the 2019 ASEAN-Chengdu Economic and Trade Cooperation Week first chose the ASEAN countries as the partners and graciously invited them to Chengdu for cooperation talk. “It is hoped that the traditional friendship with ASEAN countries will continue so that more dimensions of cooperation will be added to the China-ASEAN relation. Why the Cooperation Week is themed on ‘Jointly Creating New Opportunities for a Shared Future’? Because in additional to continuing the traditional friendship, we want to take the favorable opportunities of ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ construction, in hopes of sharing friendship and seeking common development with ASEAN countries.” Zhang Wen also expressed directly that that through the one-week event, more friends from the ASEAN countries are expected to deeply experience Chengdu’s international business climate and “Made-in-Chengdu” quality products, to feel the Tianfu Culture featuring “innovation and creation, elegance and fashion, optimism and tolerance, friendliness and public welfare,” and to try the “slow life” most characteristic of Chengdu.

In the end, the two sides reached a consensus today to jointly promote exchanges and cooperation by improving the level of two-way future investment. To be specific, Chengdu will actively support competitive local enterprises in going to the ASEAN countries for investment and business start-up, and as always, it welcomes the inflow of the ASEAN international capitals to Chengdu as well as the enhancement of two-way trade exchanges. Chengdu will actively expand new areas of trade cooperation such as automobile manufacturing, electronic products, biomedicine, rail transit, new energy, and new materials; vigorously develop new business types and new models such as cross-border e-commerce and market procurement trade, in bids to bolster cooperation in service trade. It will also put into full play the functions of cooperation platforms such as Singapore-Sichuan Hi-Tech Innovation Park, China (Sichuan)-ASEAN Free Trade Cooperation Center, to work for the deepening of economic and trade cooperation. In addition, more ASEAN countries are graciously expected to set up national exhibition pavilions to promote their own high-quality products. The two sides need to get along with each other well through multiple exchanges. Chengdu welcome visitors from the ASEAN countries. Come to attend China (Chengdu) International Food & Tourism Festival, Chengdu International Tourism Exhibition, and Holiday Fun in Chengdu, and you will feel the glamour of Chengdu city.

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