“Wind from the sea” Intangible Cultural Heritage and Modern Design Artworks Exhibition

Crossed the ocean we came to Frederiksborg Slot The Museum of National History, Denmark in the autumn of 2019, with the regenerated new image of China traditional craftsmanship. At present, the protection and transmission of China’s intangible cultural heritage is highly valued. The traditional handicrafts are facing the transformation to merge into the modern life.

On 13th September, 2019, “Wind from the sea” Intangible Cultural Heritage and Modern Design Artworks Exhibition is unveiled in The Museum of National History, Demark. The Exhibition is a summary and outlook of the practical explorations of the traditional handicrafts worked by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts as well as a review of the traditional handicraft innovation practice cooperated by China intangible cultural heritage inheritors and modern designers. Over 60 pieces of creative artworks employing dyeing and weaving, bamboo carving, paper cutting, ceramic and glass goods manufacturing, metal forging and other handicrafts are displayed, integrated the wonderful handicrafts originated from various parts of China such as Qinghai, Xinjiang, and Sichuan.

The exhibition is joint hosted by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and Museum of National History Denmark, opened to the Danish public and will last until October 6th. The themes of the exhibition are focused on 3 concepts: “Sea of peace”, “Sea of warmth”, “Sea of surge”, displaying the rejuvenation of the ancient Chinese handicrafts in the new era, and the innovative fruits from Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts during its exploration of the cross-border path for the traditional handicrafts and contemporary design.

Through the presentation of this exhibition, it is expected to introduce to the Danish public a sincere wish from Shanghai, China of mutual culture interaction and aesthetic dialogue.

“Wind from the sea” is a series of exhibitions launched by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts to promote the exchange of international art and culture. Based on the oriental folklores and Shanghai local culture, it has introduced plastic arts, design art, experimental art, and traditional handicrafts to the international stage in phases since 2018. Until recent days, the exhibitions have been successfully held in Cairo, Brussels, and Berlin.

Mr. Feng Yuan, dean of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts pointed out that, “it is crucial to settle the teaching pattern of the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts in an international and open manner. It is an important task for the future development of the college that requires continuous efforts to be better and stronger.”

Artists participated in “Wind from the sea” Intangible Cultural Heritage and Modern Design Artworks Exhibition (in alphabetical order):

Aziguli, Chen Qing, Chen Guanghui, Chen Guanliang, Erik Mantel (Netherlands), Dong Chunxin, Duan Songwen, Guoxin, Hu Jianjun, Huang Yifei, He Hongbing, Jin Hui, Jiang Tieli, Ji Haiyan, Jin Jiangbo, Jin Dan, Kang Qing, Qin Mian, Li Zheng, Mu Yinchu, Li Dan, Li Yiman, Miao Haiyan, Moniek Vierling (Netherlands), Marit van Heumen (Netherlands), Song Liansheng, Shi Bin, Wang Jianguo, Wang Dawei, Wang Jianjiang, Wang Ning, Xu Jiaying, Xiani, Yvonne Lauryssen (Netherlands), Yang Changqin, Yin Ying, Zhuang Xiawei, Zhao Lei, Zhang Lili, Zheng Shanshan, Zhou Miner, Zhu Yingmei.

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