How Home Renovations Allow Extension and Improvement without the Hassle of Moving

Home renovations continue to be a popular pursuit for homeowners, with many aspects proving to be an attractive proposition. These include the opportunity to get creative and really stamp an identity on a property; another is the chance to get that bigger, better house without the hassle of selling up and buying another property – renovation means homeowners can extend, expand or perhaps reinforce a property without having to relocate.

There are many ways in which a property can have a comprehensive makeover. Delta Classic Homes is a Toronto home renovation company that offers customized renovation work depending on the specific needs of the homeowner. This includes the planning and design of a schedule that suits timeframes and budgets.

Delta’s speciality is designing custom solutions for homes and businesses. Whether it’s a repair, replacement or a new build from scratch, they can enhance homes and their surroundings in numerous areas. Interlocking driveways can be built using interlocking bricks that create patterns or other unique shapes to create a specific look at the front of a house. Another way to enhance the look of a house is through stone refacing, which is where new bricks are placed over older stones to provide a more modern look – it can be cost-efficient largely because the material is not difficult to transport.

Pool decks are another area of expertise for Delta, who can build non-slip stone surfaces that not only look aesthetically pleasing, but are also safe, non-abrasive areas that surround a pool and can also provide effective drainage for rainwater. Delta can also provide patios, again using interlocking stones to provide a stylish, non-slip area that provides an outdoor extension of indoor living space. These can be augmented with paver walkways, which can be designed in a number of architectural styles to suit individual tastes.

Delta also builds retaining walls to provide extra security and solidity to a house, especially in areas where downward ground movement is affecting the overall structure.

There are many other ways to enhance and expand a house. Delta specialize in room additions, and can add interior rooms, exterior rooms and garages, and they also provide expertise in basement conversions, which need extra attention due to the unique risks posed by dampness and humidity.

Water is a real worry in basements and it can find its way in through floors, walls and the joints between them. It can also come through concrete, which causes problems with moisture and dampness. The Delta team uses the installation of dehumidifiers, drainage and battery backup sump pumps to ensure water stays out of basements, air quality is improved and humidity is controlled.

“What we do at Delta Classic Homes is really listen to everything our customers want,” says a spokesperson for Delta Classic Homes. “Renovation work is a major undertaking so trust is vital – we deliver what we say we will, on time and on budget. We combine this human approach with technical expertise that has built up over nearly 30 years.”

About Delta Classic Homes

Founded in 1993, Delta Classic Homes is a construction company providing a range of home renovation projects, including outdoor developments, room additions and basement renovations.    

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