Cell Apoptosis Assay Is Launched at BOC Sciences for Drug Discovery

Cell Apoptosis Assay Is Launched at BOC Sciences for Drug Discovery
BOC Sciences, a leading chemical supplier, announced earlier this month to launch cell apoptosis assay service for scientists engaged in drug discovery research.

New York – September 19, 2019 – BOC Sciences, a New York-based supplier of various bio-chemicals such as inhibitors, APIs, metabolites and impurities, announced earlier this month to launch cell apoptosis assay service for scientists engaged in drug discovery research. With expertise and well-published cell based assays from BOC Sciences, researchers now don’t need to worry about apoptosis detection anymore.

Apoptosis, or alternatively referred to as programmed cell death, plays an important role in many human diseases. Controlled by multiple signaling and effector pathways, apoptosis is found to be closely linked with caspase related apoptotic enzyme cascades, mitochondrial depolarization, DNA fragmentation and ultimately cell blebbing and destruction. This offers new insights for scientists who are seeking new treatment for various diseases: through approaches of genetically modulating these apoptosis-associated pathways, new therapies might be discovered. 

“Many human conditions like neurodegenerative diseases or autoimmune disorders are caused by inappropriate cell death. Therefore, it is extremely useful to accurately detect and measure apoptosis so as to better understand the cell death mechanisms,” commented Prof. Jones, a senior scientist from BOC Sciences. Great efforts have been made to unveil apoptosis mechanisms, with the expectation to exploit new strategies based on the potential therapeutic benefit of apoptosis. 

Two factors account for the significance and prevalence of cell apoptosis assay in drug R&D: first, cell death is widely involved in various processes like cell turnover, functioning of immune system and embryonic development; second, as the fine balance between cell survival and death is regulated by varieties of cellular proteins such as receptors and adaptors, mutations of these sensor or effector proteins may tip the balance and finally result in the uncontrolled survival and proliferation of cancer cells.

On the other hand, assay development has become a critical part for hit discovery, in spite of the fact that pharmaceutical companies approach drug discovery in various ways. And luckily, by high-throughput screening (HTS) and based on improved cell death assays, the discovery of disease-modifying therapeutics has been made possible for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, whose progression cannot be slowed down by any current therapies.

With accumulated experience in chemical molecules, cell lines culturing, apoptotic biology and flow cytometry technologies application, scientists at BOC Sciences are capable of providing the following cell-based apoptosis assay services, including systemic experimental design, operation and data analysis as well as the selection of the most appropriate detection assays.

• MTT assay and flow cytometry apoptosis detection (FCAD) assay

• Caspase activity detection

• Membrane change detection

• Cell morphology detection

For more information, please visit https://www.bocsci.com/cell-apoptosis-assay.html.

About BOC Sciences

In the past two decades, BOC Sciences has been dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry by supplying a comprehensive collection of chemicals to researchers, such as GMP products, ADCs, pharmaceutical excipients, intermediates. At the same time, it also gets increasingly involved with drug discovery by enabling a wide range of services through all stages of drug R&D, like custom synthesis of chemicals, isotope labeling, formulation service, antibody drug conjugates, chiral synthesis and resolution.

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