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Blockchain is considered a machine for creating trust.

In 2019, with the continuous improvement of blockchain technology and the application of scenarios, the blockchain is also developing in the direction of great integration and diversification. Whether it is the breakthrough and innovation of the underlying technology dimension or the interaction and integration of the consensus mechanism, we can clearly feel the speed of its development, the complexity of the application scenario, from the original chaos to the development of standardization, blockchain technology in finance, large-scale commercial applications in various fields of medical, judicial, industrial and energy away from us a step closer.

In fact, blockchain is not a disruptive innovation in technology, but a change in production relations. Because many of the previous models were unilaterally decided, multiple decisions are needed now. The premise of multi-party decision-making is that information should be shared, rules should be transparent, and consensus should be reached in advance. In this case, many complex coordination mechanisms can be turned into clear, immediate settlement, and unified mode. In the end, the blockchain uses the concept of the community to bring together people with consensus to work together for a project.

It is also based on the ability of blockchains to improve the production relations of communities and even industrial chains. Blockchain technology is becoming a lubricant to activate commercial potential. Take supply chain finance , for example, supply chain financial thaw trillion market barometer has been related to the lifeblood of the industrial economy and stable operation, but also for economic development. This is also attractive to large and small financial mining companies to compete in this blue ocean market.

In XiongAn New District, the first lending of Huaxia Bank’s “XiongTong Chain-blockchain-supply chain” products has successfully landed. The product in the male-Group with the support blockchain applications and implementation team, hung in Anji Group credit-based, with data blockchain traceability platform, code of conduct, fund management and other functions, as male Atkins set of points The contractor solves the problem of funds for workers’ wages and raw materials procurement.

In Shenzhen, China, the Rongxin Chain tehchology company uses blockchain technology to develop “Qianpiao” system. And it Successfully realized the pass-through of accounts payable. let the nuclear core corporate credit accompanied by credible and transparent blockchain to pass along, Supporting the financing of SMEs through data risk control and real-time IoT monitoring, helping SMEs and core companies to achieve stable cash flow and development capabilities in a more benign environment,

Of course, the development of blockchain technology is still accompanied by some unstable factors. As the application scenarios become more and more complex, especially with the real world, the link cooperation is more and more intense, and whether the cross-chain technology can break through the challenge becomes the key to its development. From a technical point of view, the blockchain is equivalent to a patch on the Internet, which is a type of support relationship. Second, the development of blockchain is still in the exploration period. Security and supervision need to guard against related risks; however, We still have to embrace blockchain thinking, and legally use the blockchain tool to empower the industry.

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