Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery: What is it?

Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery: What is it?

Plastic Surgery has become more and more popular over the years.

But the past couple years has been blooming more than ever because of beauty enhancing apps such as Snapchat and Facetune. These apps allow one to take selfie’s using filters that enhance their features. Most filters include an effect that slims down the facial shape, gives flawless skin, fuller lips and even bigger eyes. This resulted in a new plastic surgery trend people now refer as “Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery”.

People will see their faces automatically beautified and compare it to their real self, only to feel dissatisfied with their own appearance. This has created the “Snapchat Dysmorphia” syndrome that has been driving many to our hospital for the past few years.

The Kardashian’s are known to enjoy using Snapchat daily

Snapchat Dysmorphia, Plastic Surgery – Then and now.

Back in the day people would come in for a consultation with a photo of a celebrity or model that they would want to look like. But now days, people bring filtered photos of themselves, hoping to look like their edited photo in real life. This trend is known as the Snapchat Dysmorphia Plastic Surgery.

From the filtered pictures into reality

Filtered pictures or selfie’s does get more attention and reaction from others in social media platforms and the biggest example of this is getting more “likes”. This is the reason why an increasing number of people have become addicted to these beautifying apps. There is no doubt that their digitally altered face has been giving them more confidence. As a result, more and more people are in search for options on how to translate it into reality.

Hollywood sensation, Arianna Grande also enjoys using Snapchat

Doctors from ID hospital as one of the leading Plastic Surgery Hospitals, located in South Korea said the number of the patients coming to the hospital and ask for the change as the filtered photos of their faces.

Here’re the patients who actually look a lot like their filtered photos after surgeries at ID Hospital Korea.

Real patient from ID hospital. She received V-line surgery, forehead reduction, full face fat grafting and V3 lifting

What can you expect from Snapchat dysmorphia plastic surgery?

During a consultation, the Dr. will determine each individual’s facial structure and balance. Then he/she will determine what procedure(s) would suit one’s face the most and come up with an appropriate diagnosis for each individual. With the wealth of knowledge and skill ID hospital team has, they can bring each and every patient satisfying result. As the only plastic surgery hospital that is certified by the Korean government, they always prioritize safety first. 



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