How to Increase Sales Leads with an SMS Business Texting Service

How to Increase Sales Leads with an SMS Business Texting Service

Digital marketing has totally changed the way businesses operate today. From social media marketing to creating a sales funnel and mass text messaging, there are tons of ways to connect with your potential customers in order to increase sales leads. A business texting service is one of those ways that actually brings positive results because texting is what consumers around the world prefer these days. This service is therefore very advantageous for your business’ success in the long run.

One of the most prominent benefits of a texting service is that it streamlines all your communication needs with your customers, thus offering a channel that doesn’t require much hard work or tedious compositions to engage your visitors. Simply type a short text message, feel free to add a link to your website or order confirmation details and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that!

What is a Business Texting Service? 

Business texting services have made the process of landline texting very simple, efficient and straightforward. And the best thing about these services is, they are not expensive at all! You can text from your VoIP, toll-free or landline number to send all types of text messages to your customers. These could include order confirmations, sale or discount alerts, notifications, and marketing messages.

With the service you can even use a ‘Group Blast Feature’ to broadcast your single message to multiple customers at once. It is an inexpensive yet highly effective way to reach out to your customers who actually prefer to hear from you via text message. According to a digital marketing survey, 75 percent of consumers prefer to have special offers and discounts sent to them via text.

Business owners usually look for a tool that would help them send mass texts to multiple clients at once. A business texting service makes it simple for them so that they could concentrate on other important business operations. They usually only require your landline number, VoIP or toll-free number to get the service activated.

What are the Benefits of Using a Texting Service?

Many people who are running start-ups usually ask, how to text from landline. What they mean is, how to send and receive text messages to their clients in order to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

A business texting service allows a business/enterprise to;

  • Send and receive plain text messages on your Landline, VoIP or Toll Free Number
  • Send and receive MMS or multimedia messages on your Landline VoIP or Toll Free Number
  • Use keywords in your messages
  • Use an auto-reply feature to provide quick replies with useful information
  • Create and customize professional message templates
  • Have as many contacts as you want
  • Categorize your contacts in different groups for sending different texts to each group
  • Scheduling group blasts or individual messages ahead of time
  • Send/receive texts via email
  • Use emojis to make your message sound more personal
  • Access the API
  • Use a mobile app to make the process even simpler     

Landline texting for business allows companies to present a business toll free, VoIP, or landline number to their customers and use it for sending and receiving texts. When you sign up with a business texting service, they text enabled your business number quickly and seamlessly.

Availing a texting service helps businesses to increase their sales leads effectively because –

• It is simple and efficient – Use your existing business phone number that’s already advertised, and that your customers are already familiar with.

• All messages are trackable – You can monitor and archive all text conversations between your employees and your customers.

• It helps to widen your audience – Research proves that across all age groups, consumers wish more businesses would text them.     

• It increases engagement – While people are already using their cell phones to send and receive texts, they find it as an easier and familiar method for communicating.  


Consumers nowadays welcome text messages on their cell phones as they sometimes find them very useful and informative. They like to receive order confirmations through an SMS rather than an email. Business professionals also prefer texting over making phone calls to save time and money. These expectations make landline texting for business an ideal way for businesses to connect with their customers and increase sales leads. The biggest advantage of using a texting service is to keep all conversations professional and trackable.     

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