HERO Makes the World a Safer Place with Its Personal Emergency Satellite Beacon

Works Where Sat Phones Don’t – HERO – The Ultimate Pocket Size Personal Emergency Satellite Beacon! 

As more and more people venture out into the wilderness, the chances of being in a life or death emergency situation increases exponentially. HERO is the world’s smallest pocked-size satellite beacon that can be used to help rescue teams pinpoint the exact location of a person in distress. HERO has been designed specifically for solo hikers, mountaineers, backpackers and other outdoor adventurers.  Also for people who live in natural disaster zones that have to live with the fear of earthquakes, floods hurricanes/cyclones, fires, tornadoes and tsunami’s with Hero’s advanced technology in any of these natural disaster events the reassurance and peace of mind knowing that search and rescue teams and your loved ones know where you are and help is on the way.

We are extremely excited to announce of the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for the HERO, the pocket-size personal emergency satellite beacon that can work anywhere in the world, even where sat phones don’t. HERO is also the world’s smallest and most affordable personal emergency satellite beacon, which can be used without a subscription or fees. Whether you are in distress on land, air or on water, this beacon ensures that your emergency signal will be sent to the rescue team near you to bring you back home safe and sound.” – Julien Snell, Founder.

Once HERO is activated, it sends a distress signal to the 24/7 manned Rescue Coordination Centre. They contact the nearest search and rescue team to your alert location, along with your I.C.E (in case of emergency) family contacts. A return link message is sent back from the satellite to your HERO to let you know your alert has been received and help is on its way.

Not only is the HERO personal emergency beacon the lightest and most affordable beacon available in the market for outdoor enthusiasts, we have included many technical features that makes it easier for the rescue team to home in on your exact location. Some of the features of the HERO personal beacon include, 406MHz Worldwide Multi-Constellation Satellite and GPS technology, Internal Antenna (patent pending), Impact sensors, loud audio buzzer, AIS121.5MHz Homing Beacon, and a 500 Lumen white LED strobe light.”

Available on Kickstarter now those who pledge £154 or more will get a 33% discount on the product once it is launched, with a special thank you card.

Those who pledge £185 or more can enter the Executive package. In this package you are going to get to be amongst the first few who get the HERO device shipped to their home along with a lanyard for your wrist or neck, and a personalized thank-you email from the owner. Those who are looking for little something extra can pledge £229 or more and get the Personalized Hero Device package which will get your name engraved in your device. Other packages include; a pledge of £289 or more for a 42% discount for two HERO devices, and a pledge of £399 or more to get a 42% discount for three individual HERO devices. 

Infinite Media Dynamics Limited, the company behind the design of HERO was established by the Snell Family, Julien Snell (IEEE), Janine Snell (PR & Research), Jack Snell (Web), Harry Snell (Video + Images), Jessica Snell (Photography), Josh and Ollie for their support and enthusiasm and Henry the Dog.

As a part of this campaign, if we reach our Stretch Goal of 10,000 HERO’s. We will give away 500 free HERO’s to SAR first responders around the world, to keep them safe, for rescuing us anywhere in world. To raise awareness of the HERO pocked-size satellite beacon please share the link of our Kickstarter page with all your friends on social media.” He concluded. 

Inspired by the latest MEOSAR upgrades to the Cospas-Sarsat Satellite system, HERO is the smallest affordable, personal locator beacon in the world. The expected launch date of the HERO personal emergency beacon is slated for January 2020. Is available now on Kickstarter to buy pre-launch.

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