Why Finding the Right Used Car at the Right Price is Easier with CarFinder

As with the purchase of any item that is pre-owned, there are inherent risks – does it have a history of previous damage? Has it been neglected by owners over the years, and what modifications have been made that aren’t immediately apparent?

When it comes to cars, these risks and questions become considerable. The costs involved in buying and running a car, together with the safety implications of driving with uncertainty, raise the stakes beyond those of any other type of item. These risks can be magnified when considering that many used cars are no longer under their manufacturer warranty.

Car Solutions Canada is a used car dealership based in Toronto, which offers a range of used cars from luxury models to the more everyday, and enforces a strict policy of measuring any potential new sale item against a benchmark of quality – ensuring that only cars in a suitable condition are made available through their dealership. They also offer more than just cars, with SUVs and trucks occasionally available if required.

With an online inventory showcasing existing stock, Car Solutions Canada have also made it easier for potential customers to tailor their search to their exact requirements. The Car Solutions Canada website features a CarFinder search tool where customers can search via a range of specifications – and receive an automatic alert when available stock arrives that provides a match. As well as the usual criteria such as make, model and transmission, the CarFinder tool also allows for mileage, the year of manufacture and the body type to be specified.

When it comes to selling cars, Car Solutions Canada sets its prices depending on the model, mileage and year of release, ensuring the price accurately reflects the various aspects of what the car offers. Financing is also available and there is a range of options available that include low interest loans for customers with existing loans. The Car Solutions Canada website also features an online calculator that allows customers to obtain their own car loan rate.

Car Solutions Canada don’t just sell cars – they also provide car servicing, including oil changes, brakes adjustment, engine tune-up and transmission flush.

“Because our customers are individuals with specific needs, nothing about our service is rigid and inflexible,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We don’t limit our range of models and with our tailored pricing structure, it means we have something to suit every requirement. This is why we have made our handy CarFinder tool so detailed; meaning customers are able to drill down to their exact requirements.”

Car Solutions Canada is also committed to making its staff available for customer enquiries for as long as possible. Opening hours are Monday to Thursday from 10am to 8pm, and Fridays to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm.

About Car Solutions Canada

Car Solutions Canada is a Toronto based used car dealerships and has a mix of sales staff and car technicians to provide a range of services from tailored car sales to a full car service. They have a dedicated online tool to help customers search for their specific requirements – the CarFinder tool is at https://www.carsolutionscanada.com/carfinder/index.htm and Car Solutions Canada can also be contacted via an online form or here is the direction map.

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