Vibe Clothing Company is Ushering in a New Era of Women’s Fashion

Vibe Clothing Company is Ushering in a New Era of Women’s Fashion

Over the past 20 years, the average woman’s size has increased. Gone are the days when “heroin chic” and models such as Kate Moss with unrealistic body shapes were idolized, and everyone yearned to be a size 0. Today, those women are the exception, not the rule. It is time to embrace the woman who is a size 16 or more, not shame her by sending her to the one plus size rack hidden in a dark corner of a store. The time to rewrite the laws of fashion is here and Vibe Clothing Company has the solution.

According to a study by the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology, and Education, the average American woman is now a size 16. We asked this question: Why then, does the majority of clothing stores offer sizes that stop at a size 14 or lower? If the average size is 16, it is safe to assume that a majority of American women need clothing that is sized larger than that. Yet these women are mostly ignored by the fashion industry. 

The first step towards this new era in fashion is to stop referring to women as “plus size” or even “curvy”. Another word for average is medium, yet typical size “medium” clothes fit a size 4-6. If size 16 is the new size average, then size 16 should be the new medium. It is simple math, but no one seems willing to get on board. Well, almost no one.

Basing their clothing on this newfound concept, Vibe Clothing Company has reinvented the sizing system. No woman is told they are plus size or body shamed for not being a size 0. Featuring both “tailored” and “traditional” sizes, Vibe clothes fit every woman from size 2 to a 22 or larger. The terms “tailored” and “traditional” stem from the idea that sizes should be about how theclothes fit rather than a label describing a woman’s body, eliminating terms like “curvy”, “petite” or “plus”, which insinuates that these body shapes are abnormal. The “traditional” sizes have a boxier silhouette, looser sleeve and are longer than the tailored cuts, meaning a traditional small/medium typically fits a size 4-12. A medium/large fits approximately a size 14-18, which reinforces the idea that size 16 is the new medium. The traditional large/extra large can fit as high as a 30 in some cases.  

When asked about the inspiration behind this new system, Vibe Clothing Company founder Heather Thompson said, “As an average size woman, I was tired of ill-fitting clothes that were either too tight or too short. Were these clothes made to fit humans or mannequins? You shouldn’t feel the need to change your body to simply fit in clothes. I knew it was time to bring affordable, fashionable and comfortable clothing to women of all shapes and sizes.”

This new sizing system not only helps to encompass a larger range of sizes, it also promotes body positivity and helps empower women to be proud of how they are made. A size 26 woman, who would normally go into a boutique and look for a 4X or 5X, is now simply considered large/extra large and can shop the entire store alongside a woman who is a size 2. Women are not size-shamed at Vibe Clothing Company. The size 26 woman is not being subliminally told that she is 5Xs the average size. The size 2 woman is not made to feel inadequate for being “too small”.  These women exist together and are able to shop the same style of clothing with custom fits for all body types. This sends the message that women should be proud of their bodies and not be defined by a size, and it makes shopping fun again. 

Why this isn’t the fashion industry standard is confusing, to say the least. Shouldn’t clothing stores want to cater to all women? If you ask Vibe Clothing Company, the answer is a resounding “yes” and their over 22,000 “Vibe Tribe” Facebook followers seem to agree.

Vibe Clothing Company is ushering in a new era of women’s fashion. 

Size 2 or 22, Vibe is size YOU. Visit them online at  

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