EAORON invents the world’s first anti-sugar body lotion

The dry weather in autumn and winter is coming. When you spend a lot of money on your face, who will take care of your “golden body”? EAORON, a beauty fashion manufacturer from Australia, has finally found the secret to make the body “sweet” after long-term research. It launched the world’s first smear-resistant anti-sugar body lotion, in addition to the amazing emollient effect, it also has anti-glycation, The anti-oxidant effect can solve various skin problems such as yellowing, pigmentation, rough and dry skin, and reshape the “magic power” of the skin. According to the detailed research report, the product immediately occupied Australia’s number one CW pharmacy shelf, and relied on EAORON’s original R&D laboratory’s black technology to make it the highest-selling body lotion in Australia.

Meghan is a professional pharmacist in the Chemist Warehouse pharmacy in Australia’s largest pharmacy. According to her, due to the climatic characteristics of Australia, the body lotion that balances the skin’s micro-ecology is a must-have product for locals, among all Australian body lotion brands. EAORON’s anti-sugar body lotion, Australia’s first skin care brand, has been the best-selling champion of the pharmacy’s body lotion for several weeks.

“In Australia, EAORON has always enjoyed the reputation of being a medical geek. EAORON’s products have always been known for their strong medical beauty technology and the use of ANZ’s local natural ingredients. The reason why this body lotion is so favored is that the main reason is The product unlocks the secret of Australia’s ‘Pink Lake’, which is able to effectively whiten the skin from its roots,” Meghan told reporters.

According to the reporter, in Perth, Australia, there is the world’s largest “powder lake”, where the lake is pink, mainly because it is rich in a variety of beneficial minerals. Among them, there is the Dunaliella seaweed, which is known as the “cell protection god”. This seaweed is recognized as the best active whitening spot active ingredient in the world. Through rigorous scientific experiments, it can prove that it effectively whitens skin in four weeks.

“After years of research, we have finally extracted the natural probiotic bacteria from the salt lake Dunaliella seaweed and applied it to our anti-sugar body lotion. After many clinical trials, the long-term use of this product can be effective. Repair damaged cells, protect skin from free radicals and UV rays, purify melanin, and rejuvenate skin from its roots,” said Brandis Eaton, EAORON’s global head of research and development, in an interview.

“My main job is to help you answer various questions in the use of various products and to understand the product components in detail. Therefore, I have more say in this regard.” Meghan, a pharmacist at the above CW pharmacy, said that in general, the body The main role of the lotion is to moisturize the skin, but the main reason why EAORON’s body milk is favored is that in addition to its excellent emollient function, the product has two other additional functions – anti-glycation and anti-oxidation.

As we all know, research has confirmed that saccharification is the first killer of skin aging. The excess sugar in the body reacts with protein to produce AGEs, which can lead to skin lack of elasticity, wrinkles, and even inflammation, thus breaking the original balance of the body. EAORON Anti-Sugar Body Lotion is a black technology ingredient called “Carnosine PRO” which keeps the collagen non-saccharified. It can effectively inhibit the formation of AGEs and protect the skin’s original collagen, thus maintaining the skin’s activity and allowing the skin to quickly fade and avoid aging. In addition, the researchers found the fruit VC king, Kakadu Li, from the jungle in northwestern Australia. It is 100 times more natural vitamin C than oranges, and is the best in the world. EAORON researchers conducted it. After purification, it is added to the body lotion. The long-term use of this product can block free radical attack, prevent blackening, inhibit blackening, cut off blackening, and achieve anti-oxidation and whitening effect.

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