The Grand Opening of Global Glamour Women School

On September 14, 2019, the Global Glamour Women School(GGW), a global women’s wisdom sharing platform, was officially opened at the Celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the United States. Eva Wan, Chairman of Miniworld Group and the Founding Dean of GGW, together with former US president Jimmy Carter’s son Chip Carter, and Colin Wu, the executive chairman of US-China Business Association unveiled.

In June 2019, the Global Glamour Women School officially appeared in the Spencer House in England. Also witnessed at the time was Lord Jim O’Neill, the British economist, and the proposer of the concept of ‘BRICS Countries’, Virginia Bottomley, known as the new generation of “Mrs Thatcher” in the political arena, and Rupert Hoogewerf, founder of the Hurun Report, and other heavyweight guests.

Eva Wan, the Founding Dean of GGW, is known as ‘Godmother of BAWANG’ and “Goddess of Wealth” in China’s daily chemical industry. For more than 20 years, she has built the BAWANG brand into the world leader in herbal shampoo. In 2009, BAWANG GROUP was successfully listed on the main board of Hong Kong. The market value of the first anniversary of listing was close to HK$20 billion. What makes Eva Wan most proud is that she had trained more than 20,000 dealers and more than 50,000 sales elites in BAWANG. She has helped tens of thousands of employees and partners become millionaires and billionaires, and some have become very influential entrepreneurs in the region.

GGW is a free and public welfare global platform for women’s wisdom sharing. Eva Wan said: “I hope that through the GGW platform, I can share the resources and innovation wisdom that I have in the world over the past years, and the successful management experience of building the BAWANG brand enterprise for more than 20 years. I will share it with you free of charge. The official website (, facebook, twitter, Instagram and etc. are spread from the media platform, hoping to help more women to succeed and grow. Although the Global Glamour Woman School is initiated by me, the platform is open and shared. It’s everyone’s. Therefore, I hope that more intelligent and resourceful people can participate in sharing with me, quickly spread around the world, help more women around the world to succeed, and realize my wish: Glamour woman, better world!”

The Global Glamour Women School officially Opening in China. The witnesses are Dr. Jack Gao, Dr. Shawn Chen, Eva Wan, Chip Carter, Liu Yan Shen, Colin Wu, Dr. Cai Jian, Shirly Ling,Deng Tao

Eva Wan accepted the inscription “This is a wonderful enterprise” from Chip Carter, which is written by former US President Jimmy Carter

The Global Glamour Women School officially appeared in the Spencer House, UK. The witnesses were Roger Gherson, Mel Morris, Virginia Bottomley, Rupert Hoogewerf, Eva Wan, Brent Hoberman, Lord Jim O’Neill, Lord David Willetts, Ada Shan and Anas Rahman Junaid

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