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Many people have heard of cyberattacks but they have not heard of penetration testing. For those of you who do not know, here is a brief breakdown of what it is and why every business needs to conduct one. Read this informative post for more details.

A penetration test is nothing more than a cyber-attack that is simulated, meaning it is set up in advance by professionals. Think of it as a sort of practice run. The goal is to check your computer system for any exploits that criminals or unsavory individuals may use to take control or otherwise compromise your computer system. This type of testing is typically used to strengthen firewall applications.

To learn how to not fail a penetration test, it is best to listen to the professionals. There are many ways a penetration test may be used to check for security flaws. The team may try to break the front end, through the back end, or even through certain apps that are installed on the system.

According to, the first step in penetrating your system is to identify what parts of the system you will want to test. This is done along with identifying what testing methods will be used. There are all sorts of ways to break into a system but some of them may not be pertinent when it comes to your system. A professional company such as Aravo will be able to determine what the best solutions are for your particular situation.

The next step to gaining access is to determine how the targeted app will respond to the perceived intrusion. This can be done by using either static analysis or dynamic analysis. Static analysis can be done in one single pass and can be done very quickly. Dynamic analysis can be the more reliable method of the two as it lets the penetrator work on the device while in real-time.

There are several different types of tests. One test is called the external test. This simulates an attack from external sources, typically the internet. Another test is called the internal test. This simulates a test-taking place behind the firewall itself. This does not necessarily mean a corrupt employee is attacking the system but it does mean an employee may have had their information or identity compromised. Another test is the blind test. In this test, the attacker is only given the name of the business to be attacked. In this way, security workers can see how an actual assailant would hack into the system in real-time. As you can see, this type of testing is very crucial to the security of the enterprise. More businesses should undergo this.

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