Expert Will Help, a New Service from a Talented Young Developer, Appeared on the Internet

William helps to deal with difficulties in gadgets and software.

A successful young programmer offers easy and quick solutions to problems with smartphones, instant messengers, operating systems, Internet browsers, and office programs. Expert Will Help is a prompt for inexperienced users of PCs and smartphones, a kind of free technical support online.

Expert Will Help is intended to help an inexperienced user understand a phone, tablet, PC, or a complex application. Each action is accompanied by an understandable and colorful illustration, on which you will clearly see where to go, what to click on, and how to carry out an operation. It is worth noting that the developer himself draws all illustrations for the instructions. Working on the site is his hobby.

William, a young talented programmer, developed and implemented this service. William has been interested in science since his early childhood. His father, who devoted his whole life to studying history, inoculate him with this passion. He told William about the great scientists who changed the world for the better. Even at the age of 12, William designed and implemented an automated irrigation system for his elderly neighbor.

After graduate school, William received a bachelor’s degree in programming. William had been working in such major companies, as Microsoft and Google, for 15 years. Programming is his vocational aptitude, and it is with the help of this science and his talent that William wants to make the world to be better.

Now, William, in parallel with his work on Expert Will Help, is engaged in developing a device for recognizing native languages, which will help visually impaired people choose and buy books, newspapers, and magazines. William set about creating this gadget due to the fact that his father lost his vision by 70% in recent years.

William is a true expert in his field! He knows how to deal with complex gadgets and programs and he would be delighted to teach this to everyone who has such a need.

Anyone can use the Expert Will Help website; it is completely free of charge. Just follow the link and you will find exactly the questions you are interested in from the list. If your problem has not yet been resolved by William, just ask your question through the feedback form, and he or other users of the site will definitely solve it!

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A talented young developer William helps to deal with difficulties in gadgets and software.

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