The COMBY App Kickstarter Campaign is All About Connecting People Through Great Music

Allows Users to Create Collaborative Playlists in Real-Time for Parties and Social Events!

How many times have you been to a party, ready to spend the night on the dancefloor only to be disappointed with the playlist. At a party or any event, having a host that’s playing tunes that sound like their gym playlist or random Spotify selection can be a total buzzkill for everybody. The COMBY app plans to change all that forever. This app ensures that your next party playlist is going to be popping and will leave people on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning.

The app is the answer to one of the most pressing questions asked by music lovers everywhere. While there are countless apps and website subscription services that allow you to enjoy music individually, when it comes to parties and social events, there is no concept of collaborative playlists. The COMBY app enables users to make spontaneous contributions to the playlist of the party by adding their favorite music on-the-fly. 

The idea of the COMBY app came to us after we saw a significant void in the market. After carrying out some research of our own, we found that 50% of party-goers would love to hear their favorite music, while party organizers were having trouble finding the right mix of tunes to keep everyone happy. The COMBY app lets everybody add songs and vote on the songs that are going to play at a party or social event via a transparent voting system. This app has been a collaborative effort by bringing together a team of bright individuals who have backgrounds in development and UX design, and have a passion for creating a truly unique music app.” – Max Frings, COMBY.

While the initial design and prototype for the app have been finalized, the team needs to fund development. Hence their Kickstarter campaign. The team also plans on collaborating with significant ride-hailing companies, clubs, and bars which can use the COMBY app to let their visitors create personalized playlists in real-time. The team is offering multiple rewards to those who pledge to help them reach their Kickstarter goal. 

Our Kickstarter campaign has already gotten off to a great start, but we still need your support. Every dollar you pledge to our app will take us one step closer to our vision. To show our appreciation for your support, we are offering many cool rewards, such as a digital high five for even a pledge of $1, because we want to show our appreciation to every single individual who supports us. Other cool rewards include becoming a ‘Digital Supporter’ that allows you to sign-up for the service pre-launch and enjoy a lifetime premium membership. We are also giving out hoodies and Bluetooth speakers for those who pledge $80 and $160 respectively. Please go to our COMBY app Kickstarter page to show your support and share our crowdfunding campaign with your friends on social media.” 

The team started the conceptualization of the app on July 2018, and have finalized all the features and identified and fixed possible glitches in the app. The beta release of the COMBY app is scheduled for December 2019, with the official launch slated for early 2020. 

About the Company: 

COMBY was founded by young students with a vision, developers with great skill and designers with a knack for colorful designs. This Frankfurt-based startup aims to deliver the next great music app that not only connects people through music but is a complete game-changer in personalized entertainment. The team consists of professional designers, developers, and innovators from four different countries who have all come together to create the ultimate party playlist app. 

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