The Stream Guitar Kickstarter Campaign Aims to Support Guitar Players Through their Musical Journey

Learning how to play the guitar is all about developing your speed, rhythm and timing. The only problem is, you’re not always going to have musicians around to jam with you or back you up, especially when you are practicing alone. Stream Guitar is the answer to this challenge that is experienced by professional and novice guitarists alike. The Stream Guitar device enables musicians to produce and record music without the need for other back up musicians, software or computers. 

Using Digital Acoustics Technology, we’ve developed the Stream Guitar to support all musicians through their musical journeys. Now whenever you compose a song, improvise, sing along, or play some chords, you can record them as you play and then play them back, add solos or a baseline or sing along to your tunes,” said Luc Lussier, musician, electronics guru, and inventor of the Stream Guitar.

The Stream Guitar allows you to listen to what you’ve played on your guitar, add solos or a cool base line, or sing along. The device allows solo musicians to create their own multi-piece band right in the comfort of their home. Not only can you playback the recording, but you can also save your recording in a micro SD card and transfer it to your laptop, PC or any other device, or you can share the music you create via the cloud with other Stream Guitar users. The multiple applications of this device make it a must-have for professionals, hobbyists and solo guitarists.  

Stream Guitar was developed through years of hard work, and combines craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology to give you a tool that will truly inspire you and will play an important part every step of the way throughout your musical journey. Whether you’re a professional guitarist who can’t get enough of belting out sick tunes even when you’re not with the band, or a beginner guitarist who’s just learning the ropes, Stream Guitar is a device that is going to amplify your guitar skills. For those who like to create their own music, Stream Guitar can help you create and synchronize multiple guitar riffs and solos with relative ease.”

The ability to add effects such as digital delay, reverb, chorus and drum loops simplifies the process of creating multi-layered sound without the need of an eight-piece band. The integrated microphone will capture your voice and every note you play. With crisp playback sound quality you can hear every note and improve the sound of your music. 

To launch the Stream Guitar onto the consumer market we need funds to cover various aspects of production from manufacturing, marketing and distribution of the device. This is why we need your support to get this amazing new device to guitar enthusiasts around the world. We’d really appreciate your support which can be in the form of a monetary pledge or just sharing the link of our Kickstarter campaign on any social media outlet you are active on. Your help will be truly appreciated.”

The device is available in two models, the Model M, which is perfect for Jazz and Bossa Nova styles, and the Model N, for blues, folk and rock styles. The device comes with a 10-hour 3000mAh battery. Other features of the device include, an embedded vibration speaker (patent-pending), high-quality Piezo pickup and specially designed transducers, guitar input (stereo), headphone output (stereo), microphones for recording (stereo), Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, and an OLED display.

The Stream Guitar is scheduled to hit the shelves by November 2019, but all those who pledge (CAN) $385 or more will be included in the Super Early Bird list and will also get a full 30 per cent discount on the device. Those who make a pledge of (CAN) $550 will also get a Stream Guitar case and USB cable. The produce can be shipped anywhere in the world. 

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About the Company: 

The idea of Stream Guitar is the brainchild of engineer, innovator and serial entrepreneur – Luc Lussier, who discovered his love of music, electronics and sound at an early age. With a passion for engineering and creating new ways for musicians to enjoy sound, Lussier created Lussier Guitars, a family-owned business based on innovative ideas and products to make creating music fun for professionals and guitar enthusiasts alike.

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