DashCash’s First Global Consensus Conference is about to open in New York

It is reported that on September 27, 2019, DashCash Global First Consensus Conference, the World Block Chain Summit 2019 will be grandly opened in Ottoman Building, New York. The event is jointly hosted by Dash Cash, WBF and so on. More than 1000 regional chain enthusiasts from all over the world will witness this glorious moment. Hundreds of capital cafes such as Five Colors Capital, SAIC Foundation, CONSENSYS, CELSIUS and NETWORK will participate in the event. Hundreds of media around the world will follow up and report on it.

It is reported that DashCash (Non trumpet: DSC) will be launched on dozens of global trading platforms at 2 p.m. on September 28, 2019. ZZG, ZBG, BTB, EXX, QBTC, COINBULL, BKEX, EZB, SJS, CEO, COINBULL, BEX, BKEX, EZB, SJS, CEO, 99EX, WBF, WBF, OTCBTC, ZZEX, COINBIG, BISION, BISION, BITUAN, FUBT, BIONE, BIONE, DAEX, BITMOM, BITEJIU, BITEJIU, BAFEEXEX, HKBTEX, HKBTC123, WR GLOBAL, WR GLOBAL, OCX, GGBTC, GGBTC, TONPARARARARNPARK, TONPARKEKEKEB, TXBUIP, BUIP, EZNK, KKKXXX, BEST, G Dozens of global exchanges, such as GEX, will simultaneously shake DSC trading online.

It is reported that DSC is completely de-centralized, supports global seconds, near zero handling fees, high privacy protection and high concurrent settlement. It has been featured on US news channels, followed by nearly 1,000 US media reports, and recently landed on Nasdaq screens in the United States, Reuters featured reports. DSC has a circulation of only 5.3 million, creating more than 520 primary nodes worldwide (10,000 currencies per primary node locked), while less than 100,000 are actually in circulation.

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