Wisdom Titanium Bolt for Highly Performance Car

Wisdom Titanium is a premier provider of titanium bolt for a high-performance car

Hongkong – Sep 23, 2019 – With the fast development of car modification, a lot of car owners start to consider getting their auto performed well. Bolts play a crucial role in the performance of the car and driving experience. High strength, resistance to corrosion, lightweight, etc. make titanium bolts set apart from other types of materials. The owners of modified cars also prefer it.


Titanium bolts have the benefits of low density, as well as high specific strength. This type of materials also has an extraordinary resistance to corrosion. Titanium bolts used in cars can decrease fuel consumption and better the working effectiveness of the engine better. It also improves the environment as well as minimizes the noise.

Titanium alloy lug bolts, lug nuts, studs and 12pt titanium 3 piece wheel bolts and nuts are favored by many car owners. All Titanium alloy bolt nuts are made from first-class titanium bar with cautious detection prior to shipping.


At Wisdom Titanium, they are earnest about the optimum performance of a car. The company knows the power to weight ratio so, they are driven to give powerful, robust, and lightweight titanium options to car industry daily and in each grade and type required.

The company insists on technical innovation as well as makes specialized, exceptional, and excellent products. To ensure that every screw they produced meet the quality standards, they begin to control the quality from raw materials strictly and entrusts a reliable organization – Baoji titanium valley new material testing center to check every batch of materials and strive to make every screw delivered to customers is perfect.

About Wisdom Titanium:

Wisdom Titanium was founded in 2013 and is located in China titanium valley – Baoji. Wisdom Titanium is focused on the research as well as the development of titanium alloy bolts and nuts for automobile application, the production of titanium alloy bolts are broadly used in the car wheel hub, engine room, exhaust device, car body, and many others. The products are exported to North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

Please call Wisdom Titanium now at +86-917-332-8212 to know how their titanium bolts can be utilized to enhance the performance of the car owners love. Customer service is always available.

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