Satoshi Nakamoto’s early team members got together to develop a new blockchain game

Robben, who claims to be one of the early team members of Satoshi Nakamoto, posted on xx BBS earlier today, initiating the game “block chain lucky super gold miners”.

The game block chain technology can not be tampered with, intelligent contract automatic operation, all links on the chain confirmed as the premise, using panic buying mechanism, forced to sell at the time, empty application for redemption, etc.

For the majority of players to provide safe and reliable fun block chain financial innovation solutions. Robben thinks the first industry to change in blockchain will be the game industry.


“Lucky” block chain super gold miners can make a design principle of decentralization anonymous in the future, in a distributed on the node is to set up an open-ended the privacy of the Internet, this is so in the chain of blocks to build a super deep web, so as to realize the encryption of a decentralized digital currency superconducting financial ecology, provide for the use of super players of gold miners.

Block chain lucky super gold miners game phase 1 has been developed, the later open to continue. The game development receives BTC donation to build a new world of blockchain games, which will return 10 times to the donors in the future.

BTC receiving address: 1JjhjGE3RC4eVzRNVSW3xPdVbd7RqU3KY5


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