Visit Oost Encourages Everyone to Visit the Scenic Place of Overijssel

With Visit Oost, one can easily explore a selection of the most beautiful attractions and destinations in Overijssel.

Visit Oost, a travel platform in the Netherlands encourages everyone to visit and see the beauty of Overijssel. Overijssel is a Dutch province situated in the central-eastern portion of Netherlands. Its name means land across the Ijssel. Visiting this region, one can discover the province that lies in an amazing background. In fact, it is a unification of various geological characters. Such geological multiplicity makes this destination worth visiting by every traveler.

The Overijssel province is one of the major provinces in the Netherlands, which borders Germany. Over 1.1 million of people reside in the area of Overijssel and the place is famous for its numerous Hanze cities such as Deventer and Zwolle. Throughout the country, the Overijssel borders Friesland, Gelderland, Drenth, and Flevoland.

With help from Visit Oost, one can easily explore the province of Overijssel and comfortable. The travel platform offers everything a traveler needs to discover the majestic beauty of the place. No matter if the person prefers to tour the city by biking, horse riding hiking, cooking or eating, the platform got them covered.

Twente is a place in Overijssel and is remarkably scenic. Autumn and summer are the perfect time to pay a visit here. Wonderful hiking and cycling in the countryside is the best activity one could do here. Close Delden, one will explore Castle Twickel, a lovely estate of at least 4,000 hectares. On the estate, one will find 150 farms, known by white and black shutters. There are also other buildings like the water tower, two water mills and the wood sawmill. Next to the castle is a huge garden where they could see big citrus trees, some of which are 300 years old already.

Travelers should also not forget about Sallandse Heuvelrug. This is a comprehensive nature reserve composed of heathlands and forests. In fact, the heath is considered the longest connected herds throughout Europe. The stone marshland, bunzing, ree, fox, and other seventy-five species of birds crate the permanent residents of the region.  

If anyone is interested in visiting Overijssel, they can depend on Visit Oost so they can see the natural beauty of this wonderful province. Some of the activities travelers can experience include mountain biking, fun and challenging cycling for kids, visiting national parks, boat sailing, roaming the art city at Ootmarsum and so much more. People can surely immerse themselves in an oasis of inspiration, space, and tranquility.  

About Overijssel

Overijssel is situated in the east part of the Netherlands. Hidden in the green are numerous water mills, farmhouses, and estates. Hikers and cyclists are central to the province, and one could utilize an extensive bike network while driving powered traffic.

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