Gives Holiday Storage Solutions To Protect Keepsakes Year Round Gives Holiday Storage Solutions To Protect Keepsakes Year Round

Once the festivities of the holiday season comes to an end, you may desire to leave the decorations up until the next year. The ornaments, lights, and tinsel were tremendous fun to throw up, but can be a nightmare to get back down. However, according to, foregoing the chance to properly store your holiday keepsakes can eventually lead to lots of problems. You can look at a list of 7 mistakes you’re probably making when storing your holiday decorations and read below for easy tips to correct them.

Not Getting Help To Store Your Items

Make the task ahead a fun event for friends and family. Purchase pizza along with a tray of healthy veggies to keep energy levels up and to prevent everyone from bolting. Seek advice if necessary to get a clear idea of what you need your team to do. Then, assign everyone a specific section to take down so that the process happens efficiently and quickly.

Being Disorganized When Filling Boxes

If everything is thrown together without a clear plan, it won’t be easily found for the next year. Separate all of your accessories into distinct parts and store them based on similar traits such as material, theme, or room location. For example, tablecloths, runners, and napkins are soft goods that may all go in the kitchen. Train sets and holiday villages can be placed back in the original package to be easily recognized and reassembled again.

Placing Unclear Descriptions On Storage Labels

Just writing the word “ornaments” on a box doesn’t tell you which holiday they will be used for nor the room that they will go in. Label the outside of containers with important descriptors that will allow you to retrieve them with ease. Go the extra mile by snapping pictures while the embellishments are still up, and placing those images on the outside of the storage casing. 

Discarding Items Because You Lack Space

Many times, apartments or small homes are not equipped with enough space to store all of your holiday accessories. Instead of discarding the items, try an alternate storage solution that houses your items for you. Portable storage containers can be dropped off in your driveway for you to pack up, and then picked up again. A downside is that the items cannot be accessed while in storage. There are also places with a valet-style storage using movers to transport your holiday collection for you. These places, like Boombox Storage, will bring needed boxes or items back to you even if it’s just one or two pieces.

Forgetting to Donate Excess Decorations

As you glance through design boards, you may get new ideas on how to spice up your home. Eventually, you will start to have an overflow of trimmings and nowhere to put them. Instead of tossing those items into the trash, give them away to a shelter, library, or nonprofit. Some of these organizations even offer classes that show families in need how to repurpose and restyle the pieces in a new way.

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