European and American talents fall in love with German internet celebrity JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup

Recently, Germany’s latest black technology slimming cup has been spamming international social platform Ins.  It is understood that this weight-loss cup is called German JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup. It was developed and built by German new science and technology company JOHNHANCOCK for 8 years. It is original and up-to-date weight-loss technology and can achieve weight-loss and beauty by drinking water.  The magical effect triggered the enthusiasm of European and American fashionistas, many of whom were fashion models and fitness broadcasters. At that time, German JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup became a “social currency” popular in Europe and the United States for beauty lovers and turned into a good thing on social platforms.

Germany’s New Scientist Develops “Slimming Cup”

Popular in Europe and America as “Social Currency” for People Who Love Beauty

As everyone knows, German science and technology have always been among the best in the world. The high-tech products developed and produced by enterprises are famous for their practicability and high quality.  Among them, JOHNHANCOCK, a new German technology company, is the leader in the black technology field of weight loss.  According to one of the developers, after eight years of research and development and clinical trials, JOHNHANCOCK has finally successfully produced the most popular detoxification slimming cup in Germany-intelligent JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup, from scientists’ confirmation that Alps, an ancient ore under the Bavarian Alps, has the functions of dissolving grease and resisting oxidation and delaying aging to the application of Alps ancient ore to the bottom of the cup with German precision instruments.

Jamason is a fashion expert on Ins, with an enviable slim figure, and is also the first group of loyal fans of German intelligent JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup.  She shared this cup to keep her figure on the social platform that she is not stingy. “The cup at hand is a smart cup made by German technology company JOHNHANCOCK.  This cup contains Germany’s latest weight loss black technology. It produces minerals beneficial to the body through micro-electrolysis of ordinary pure water with minerals, which can help the body dissolve excess oil and toxins and eventually produce an antioxidant element, which helps to lose weight and maintain the healthy luster of the skin.  Now, it has become a habit to drink water from this cup every day,” Jamason said on the platform.

Fitness trainer Anouar also strongly recommended this German weight-loss cup in Ins that he wanted to show this product he liked very much. He shared that he was surprised that he can also buy this latest German high-tech intelligent cup in the United States.  This slimming cup contains a kind of natural rare and ancient mineral called ‘Alps’. It can magically turn ordinary purified water into “slimming water” that can dissolve fat. It can also micromolecule water, expel peroxides from the body, and help the body resist oxidation and delay aging.  It makes it easier to keep fit, which is the best assist artifact for every weight loss enthusiast. 

In addition, fashion blogger Angelina, fashion models Sherry, Persha and other social platform professionals almost have a German weight-loss cup. They all take beautiful photos and talk about the magic weight-loss and beauty effects of the cup.  “This smart German JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup has now successfully promoted to be the’ social currency’ in our circle. With good friends, anyone will immediately become the center of the topic with such a beautiful and black technology cup at hand,” Fashion model Persha said.

Foreign media marvel at the transformation of German industry

Comprehensive health Industry Becomes Next Battlefield for European and American Giant

Germany’s manufacturing industry is extremely developed and its industrial strength is in a leading position in the world. It has more than 2300 world famous brands, such as automobiles, kitchen utensils, household appliances, watches and so on, all of which are “Made in Germany” that the Germans are proud of.  With the birth and popularity of intelligent JOHNHANCOCK Slimming Cup, the world’s leading weight loss black technology of German technology company John Hancock, many foreign media marveled that German manufacturing industry, which is good at industry, is entering a new stage, that is, the transformation from traditional machinery production industry to comprehensive health industry.

U.S. economist Paul Pilzer called the comprehensive health industry the global “The 5th Wave Fortune” after the IT industry.  According to relevant data, in 2014 alone, the global comprehensive health industrial expenditure was 7,468.1 billion US dollars, the comprehensive health industrial scale in North America was 322.2 billion US dollars, and the comprehensive health industrial scale in the European Union was 178.3 billion US dollars.  According to the analysis of industry observers, with the accelerated aging in developed countries, the comprehensive health industry in Europe and the United States has great development potential.  Earlier, Apple announced that it would develop and manufacture wearable medical devices. The European and American giants headed by Apple, such as Google, IBM and Amazon, have already entered comprehensive health.

“This time the German technology giant JOHNHANCOCK slimming cup successfully opened up the European and American comprehensive health industry market, indicating that the technological, digital and platform-based comprehensive health industry has become the next battlefield for European and American giants to compete,” the above observer said.

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