Introducing Spire Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Specialists Strictly Focused on the Solar Industry

Introducing Spire Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Specialists Strictly Focused on the Solar Industry
Spire Digital Marketing is helping businesses in the Solar Industry drive new revenue and become industry leaders in their area.

Charlotte, NC – Spire Digital Marketing is pleased to announce that it is focused on marketing and customer acquisition for businesses specifically in the Solar Industry. With services that are customized to fit the needs of each individual client, the company is on a mission to bring in high-grade leads and marketing strategies that help businesses rise above the completion, like the spire on a skyscraper.

Company founder David Budd understands how difficult social media marketing can be from his own personal experience:

“I love woodworking as a hobby, and was considering starting a woodworking business. While doing research and trying to figure out how to get my name out there, I realized how important it is to market on social media and various search engine platforms. I quickly came to realize what a complex and time-consuming task this can be.”

But Budd was up for the challenge. And after putting in long hours of studying and learning how to successfully master digital marketing, realized he had discovered a new passion in life and was enjoying the marketing aspects more than the actual woodworking itself.

“I decided to go all-in and spent hours upon hours learning effective marketing strategies. But then I made the decision to focus on one specific industry so I could be the best resource possible for my clients.”

Budd chose the solar industry in the firm belief that people can make a significant impact on the planet by increasing solar usage.

In addition to bringing in leads that have been pre-qualified to the client’s specifications, Budd also understands the importance of education when it comes to marketing solar.

“There is a false belief that solar is still too expensive to be a viable alternative to traditional energy sources, so changing that public opinion is a high priority for us. Informing the public about the ‘ITC’ or ‘Solar Tax Credit’ is a great starting point because it highlights the benefits that come with making the switch to solar, as well as the significant financial benefits come tax time.”

Budd points out that, as in every other industry, many solar companies are under the impression that they can either create Facebook ads themselves or hire an unqualified agency to do it for them.

“Online platforms like Facebook and Instagram dominate the Solar Industry,” Budd continues. “But you can’t simply blast advertisements of your services all over Facebook and expect the phones to start ringing off the hook. It just doesn’t work that way. The best tactic when marketing on social media is to educate first, sell second. No one wants to invest in something they know nothing about, which is why the education aspect cannot be overlooked.”

Spire Digital Marketing realizes that every business is in a different stage of growth and every business owner has different goals, and for that reason does not offer ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions.

“What makes us different? Our goal is to make your business the go-to source for solar in the area. We understand the importance of education, as well as how to leverage Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other online platforms to bring you the best possible results, while allowing you to focus on running your business.”

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